News : Xperia Yuga to have Exynos 5 Quad chipset, 5" OLED display?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

This probably comes from the "if only" sections of the rumor mill, but a rumor about Sony's upcoming flagship, the C660X Yuga, promises that the Japanese company will deliver on its promise to release a phone to compete with the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III in a big way.
According to a poster in the IT168 forums, the Sony C660X Yuga will pack a Samsung Exynos 5 Quad chipset (marking a move away from Qualcomm), 3GB of RAM and a 16MP camera, all behind a 5" OLED display of 1080p resolution. The rumor further suggests there will be 128GB of built-in storage, a 3000mAh battery, plus water and dust resistance and an IR port.
Now, there is some credibility to this rumor. The Samsung Galaxy S IV is also rumored to use an Exynos 5 Quad chipset. And a 5" 1080p display is quite probable, considering other companies are already launching phones with such screens. The Sony Xperia V is water and dust proof, the Xperia Tablet S has an IR port for remote control functions and so on.
But then reality steps in - a quad-core A15 processor might be a bit much, even for a 3000mAh battery, and not to mention that Sony doesn’t usually use the biggest batteries and has never made a phone with an OLED display. Also, earlier leaks suggest that the Yuga will use a 12MP camera.
A different rumor all together is that the phone will have a glass back a la iPhone 4/4S and the Nexus 4. That's not out of the question - we still haven’t had a clear look at the Yuga's back as all the spy shots are quite dark.
Well, Sony is supposed to bring its next flagship at CES and MWC, so it will take a little patience but we'll know the Yuga's specs soon enough.
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