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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Good news Jelly bean(cm10) on 840S here
Miui also gets to 840s.All by avatartorres!!
thanks mate.
  • IM-A830L/S/K
Please any one with root,cwm,recovery, and any more info post here please.This is an awesome phone people dont know of.update/12\09\2012
  • NEW:CM10 l/s/k here
  • IM-a830l 1.38 update and this is how to get it.
  • Best rom for now;Latest software update for the PVR2 a830L here and here for explanation(explanation has a different rom which is my daily driver rom)
-Installation bare bones simple just put zip on extsd card wipe data,cache and dalvik cache and install zip from sd card.

  • With thanks for our xda junior member Borisov we have another rom here.(But be careful as u may run into few bugs like music player,power amp&motion controls are not working).The rom promises u high level of free ram to operate with.So thanks again to Borisov for this contribution.(He found the rom on a chinese thread an decoded the hard language to give us this rom from there)
-Plug ur device to ur pc with the micro USB cable.
-Install android sdk.(optional)
-Download this file, unzip and run Root_RC2.bat (if using Windows 7, please right click and select Run as Administrator). 

-Press any key then ur device reboots and wait before pressing again.When ur device finishes reboot and u can see the lock screen press any key for step 2.Now ur device should reboot and be really slow but wait until u see the lock screen again and press any key for step 3.
-At boot ur device is rooted and check if super user is installed.

-For cwm connect ur device and run set up(note that this doesnt install a permanent cwm(5.8.4...) but rather triggers it by sending the necessary files over to ur phone which are deleted at reboot.So this is done every time to enter cwm mode)(Cwm needs SD card >3gb to work or else u'll get mount err.)
-The new cwm can be optained in fast boot mode.After triggering the first cwm above download this then put ur device in fast boot mode( by holding volup+down+pwr buttons)and selecting fast boot.Connect to pc and install drivers manually by choosing device sky adb drivers in device manager in the android phone section.Run cwm fast boot bat follow instructions and u get cwm.
-Nandroid backups tend to get stuck at last stage of backing up data.Never tried to restore but if there is a courageous tester u'll be welcome 

credit to cajunflavoredbob
  • Solve sms sent error when sending 80-160 character range.(A830L)(doesn't work with newer 138 update so beware) here
-Changed links to my account so more reliable for download.(18/07/2012)
-added sky launcher(31/07/2012)
-{added launchers link(19/08/2012)}.Removed by xda on 23rd.
-added google now.(23/08/2012)
-added new cwm tip and workout.(23/08/2012)
-Vega racer 2 hands on(29/08/2012)
-Software upgrade(31/8/2012)
-added sms fix and changed links to firmwares.(5/9/2012)
-Borisov rom and my root intructions re-written(8/9/2012)
-CM9(9/9/2012)CM9 for K(13/9/2012)

-Added CM9 bug reporter.(12/9/2012)
_added OTA for IM-a830l(14/10/2012)
-Real sms fix for a830l(17/9/2012)
-CM10 for both 840&830 
IM-A800L/S:-S Rom here .It's a cwm backup which can be restored to ur device.Download guide follow pictures below.account name is the phone number in picture 2 and password is:besthackever
more soon....


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