[ROM][ARC/ARC S]{4.0.1} IceCream Sandwich Alpha [ROM:v02][Kernel:v04[Dt:20/Dec]

Thursday, 22 December 2011

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DooMKernel v04 released!!!
< NEW >

[ARC/ARC S] DooMKernel ICS ALPHA v04[1.6Ghz version only]
MD5HASH: d525c7b30cf96d0354de94f36a9c4e5a

Wifi Modules for v04 kernel
MD5HASH: b8e955721380ac39a574031642aa5df8

Wifi Modules for v02/stock kernel
MD5HASH: 50c9479e9b9acc905acdde506690d67f

< OLD >

v03: (changelog/known issues)

[ARC/ARC S] DooMKernel ICS ALPHA v03 [ 2.0GHz version ] (will showup as #1)
MD5HASH: c517e460ac237a9f6ff2a8c0ad072e2c

[ARC/ARC S] DooMKernel ICS ALPHA v03 [ 2.0GHz version ] (alternate version [will show up as #1001] to be used if th 2.0GHz kernel doesnt boot)
MD5HASH: c56f6c1fe57365013f22fce5a5ddde9e


[ARC/ARC S] DooMKernel ICS ALPHA v02
MD5HASH: e943cfe1475fd9466817782ca4679116


[ARC/ARC S] DooMKernel ICS ALPHA v01
MD5HASH: 3d73c4edd6c5717545b06f89dbf442c6


WiFi FIX (prerequisite is "Wifi + BT + GSM enabler!!!" from here) [info ]


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