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Monday, 19 December 2011

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DooMKernel v03 released!!!


  1. WIFI doesnt work (there is just one module left to compile to get wifi working... will try n fix it at earliest...)
  2. USB mounting doesnt work IN RECOVERY ONLY (will be fixed later)
  3. ADB doesnt work IN RECOVERY ONLY (will be fixed later)

if u encounter any other issues than the ones stated above kindly report them at the earliest!!

u can always safely revert back to v02 kernel if this kernel gives u too much trouble 

[ features ]
  • [v03 onwards] fixed TouchScreen drivers to support ICS
  • [v03 onwards] fixed USB mounting issues in ROM (thanks to FXP-ics kernel sources)
  • [v03 onwards] changed kernel version string to "-DooMKernel"
  • [v03 onwards] most (kernel specific) modules integrated right inside ramdisk [no need to separately flash them]
  • [v03 onwards] added new Max frequency:  2.0Ghz 
  • [v03 onwards] added lots of intermediate frequencies (from 122Mhz to 2.0Ghz for almost every 100/120Mhz there is a select-able frequency)
  • [v03 onwards] added fully working two way call recording
  • [v03 onwards] added CPU governors:
    • BrazilianWax
    • Smoothass
    • Lagfree
    • InteractiveX
    • Savaged-Zen
    • SmartAssV2
    • Smartass
    • Scary
    • MinMax
    • Interactive
  • [v03 onwards] added I/O Schedulers:
    • V(R)
    • BFQ v2-r1
    • Simple I/O (sio)
  • [v03 onwards] enabled a few I/O Schedulers
    • noop
    • Anticipatory
    • Deadline (default)
    • CFQ
  • [v03 onwards] added SLQB memory allocator (and set it as default)
  • [v03 onwards] added TinyRCU along with fixes (and set it as default)
  • [v03 onwards] bumped BFQ to v2-r1
  • [v03 onwards] added Stochastic Fair Blue Net scheduler
  • [v03 onwards] bumped jHASH to v3
  • [v03 onwards] increased VM max readahead to 512kb
  • [v03 onwards] some patches to fix kernel memory leaks
  • [v03 onwards] minor fix to display the kernel version info correctly in "About Phone"
  • [v03 onwards] added some mounting tweaks
  • [v03 onwards] major cleaning of kernel sources (cleaned defconfigs using FXP defconfigs as reference)
  • [v03 onwards] TESTING: reverted some changes in kernel sources to older FW kernel sources to test if the issue of increased battery drain is resolved
  • [v03 onwards] compiled using newest gcc-4.6.2-(2011.10) linaro toolchain with O4 optimizations
  • [v03 onwards] using 4.0.2.A.0.42 kernel sources
  • [v03 onwards] added FULL USB-OTG support! [Keyboard + Mouse + USB-Storage] (no need to use any modules anymore  ) [for exact usb-storage mounting commands refer to this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...php?t=1224676] [UNTESTED]
  • [v03 onwards] enabled NLS_UTF8
  • [v03 onwards] added user-level/runtime CPU voltage control with fixes to show only those frequencies which are enabled in CPU-freq table [VDD control "sysfs interface"] (for more info keep checking this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=362)
  • [v03 onwards] enabled SWAP support
  • [v03 onwards] enabled CDROM filesystem support in kernel (now u can mount ISO files)
  • [v03 onwards] enabled ARM THUMBEE extensions
  • [v03 onwards] init.d scripts/binaries execution support
  • [v03 onwards] enabled support (in kernel) for many file systems
    • EXT2
    • EXT3
    • EXT4
    • NTFS (Read & Write)
  • [v03 onwards] enabled NFS (client & server) support in kernel
  • [v03 onwards] enabled CIFS support in kernel
  • [v03 onwards] enabled access to kernel .config (can be pulled from /proc/config.gz)
  • [v03 onwards] enabled TUN/TAP driver support (integrated in kernel) [VPN support]
  • [v03 onwards] enabled IPTABLES/NETFILTER support
  • [v03 onwards] for sake of safe booting the device will always boot at min 245Mhz / max 1024Mhz


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