[ROM][Dec 25][OneX] Jellybean 4.2.1 for Endeavoru AOSP Build [WIFI Tethering] [ANY HBOOT]

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

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Me and rogro82 started to port Android 4.2 to the HTC One X - this release is an early preview.

  • Wireless
  • Phone calls
  • GSM Data
  • Audio
  • Video Playback (including HD)
  • Camera (no photosphere - blame google)
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • Works with any HBOOT version
  • Bluetooth file transfer, tethering and input devices (HID -> keyboards)
  • Wireless tethering

Not Working
  • Bluetooth Audio devices
  • ..and probably some other things.

Installation instructions
  • Verify that your backup is complete - a backup of your sdcard may also be a good idea (see below)
  • Download the ZIP and the boot.img (see Downloads)
  • Copy the .zip to your sdcard and reboot into fastboot
  • fastboot flash boot boot.img, then boot into recovery
  • WIPE your phone (this is not optional)
  • Install the .zip and reboot

Android 4.2 significantly changes the way how sdcards are handled internally, due to this we dropped USB Mass storage support. This build does only support MTP!
Also note that the ROM will move your data from /sdcard/ into /sdcard/0 on first boot (0 is the 'home directory' of the default user). If you go back to 4.1.2: Don't forget to move the data in 0/ back to the root of your sdcard.

Going back to 4.1.2
If you go back to your old 4.1 backup: Do not forget to re-flash your 'old' boot.img.
Also note that you'll have to move your migrated data from /sdcard/0/ back to /sdcard/ (CWM doesn't know about /sdcard/0/ yet).
This can be done via (while booted in CWM):
adb shell
cd /sdcard/0/
mv * ../
mv .* ../
cd ..
rmdir 0


RC8 (20121225)
  • Fixed WIFI Tethering
  • Changed halo background
RC7 (20121220) Doomsday edition
  • Bluetooth Tethering support (still a little bit flaky, try to re-enable bluetooth + tethering if the connection drops)
  • Changed quicksettings behaviour: Short press = toggle / Long press = open settings
  • Reboot + Screenshot options in Power-Off menu (thanks to lownoise2)
RC6 (20121219)
  • Support for Bluetooth file transfer and HID (Again: thanks to rogro82)
RC5 (20121215)
  • Audio recording fixed (Send your thanks to rogro82)
  • Developer-Options enabled by default in Settings
  • Display internal + sdcard storage in Settings
  • Improved holo-background gardient
  • Switching from/to 2G-Data-Only works without reboot
  • 'Silent' GSM-Data drop is hopefully gone
RC4 (20121211)
  • Camera support Install this if the camera icon is missing in your app drawer
RC3 (20121209)
  • Paid applications can now be installed using Play Store
  • Unity engine based games work correctly
  • Hboot 1.3x support
RC2 (20121202)
  • Multitouch fixed
  • Based on Android 4.2.1 (December fixed)
  • HD-Videos (OMX) working

RC1 (20121126)
  • Include Email.apk
  • Fix google location service provider (google now / gmaps)

Download links (always flash boot.img!)
http://blinkenlights.ch/static/andro...oru_42/latest/ (Primary host in Germany)
http://android.eqmx.net/android/endeavoru_42/latest/ (Mirror in Sweden)
http://cktouch.com/xda/HTC_Endeavoru_JB_42/Latest/ (Mirror in US)
Gapps download
NEW http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip


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