[MOD/SCRIPT]CPU Editor - BEST Battery Life - Now with Quad Core Support !!!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

CPU Editor

This mod allows you to easily change cpu settings on the fly, and supports dual core devices. Easier and cheaper $$ than available apps that do the same thing !!

Will work on most devices, it edits linux files so device manufacturer makes no difference.

First off this works for ALL devices single/dual, and quad core !! So everyone can use it and please do...This is the beta version with quad core support. You can set each core individually and force each core individually !! I need some people to test it all out because i do not have a quad core phone. Thats why its beta for now. Please report bugs here or send me a pm with your device type and what bug you found. Also if it all works please post here so i know
Change CPU Governor
Change CPU Min/Max Frequencies
Apply Settings on Boot - Sticky Mode
Set Dual Core CPU's Independently - Governor and Frequencies
Force Dual Core - Second Core Online ALL The Time
Seperate Menus For Single and Dual Core Devices - Auto Selects
View Current Settings For Everything
Sticky Mode
OnDemand Profiling
Now uses config file to store values

Open terminal
Type "su" without the quotes
Type "cpu" without the quotes
Make your selections


An error appears sometimes when enabling or disabling force dual core, it's ok the settings still get applied.

Settings get applied immediately

Cores can be set independently, you can make the governors and frequencies different on each core. Could be a great battery saver by limiting the second cores resources.

Force Dual Core will make the second core stay online all the time 

Some kernels do not have a available_scaling_freq so the available frequencies will not be displayed, look up the settings your kernel has either in your rom thread or kernel thread.

Sticky Mode will apply the settings you have made on reboot (requires init.d support- which most roms and most devices have)

OnDemand Profiling allows you to set profiles for ondemand governor, the settings possible are performance, performance and battery, and battery saver. Setting will only apply to ondemand govenor !! I will add more when i get some kernels for my one x.

The battery saver profile is ridiculous, my One X battery lasts a loooooong time with it on. I was at 19 hrs on battery and still at 71%. Try and see for yourself. Here is a screenshot: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...04&postcount=3

Please report any bugs you may find here, this was tested on an evo 3d, one x, one s and a mytouch 4g.

Thanks to Orical for beta testing !!



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