[ROM][ICS] JJ's HYBRID ROM v1 (Update: HotFixv1) |Only 88mb |Smooth|Stable |11-Mar|

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Light - Stable - Fast

Most of the Sony Bloatwares and Useless apps and other files removed and made it look like AOSP as much as I could do... (check Screen Shots)

Things that are AOSP or look alike
1) Apps and those from Sony are changed to AOSP icons
2) Matching Lock Screen and Modded Framework.jar to have AOSP touch
3) AOSP Sounds
4) Matching AOSP Toggle Widgets (thanks to hansip87)
5) Removed lots of Sony Stuff... too lazy to Mention...
6) AOSP Keyboard

1) Latest Android market (Play Shop) 
2) Init.d and build.prop tweak. thanks to Nexperia Team
3) Most Gapps included
4) Stock Sony Camera with AOSP icon
5) APN Settings Predefined
6) xloud and bravia engine included

Screen Shots

Download the ROM.. 
Put in SD Card.. 
Flash ICS Kernel with CWM Recovery... No need to Flash kernel if you have already... 
Go into Recovery and DO FULL WIPE and Flash the ROM, then Boot the ROM once and go back to recovery and flash Hotfix v1 Dont directly flash hotfixv1 after Fresh ROM flash.. Let the ROM boot once then go back to recovery and flash it..
Optionally you can Flash Deodex Patch to Deodex your ROM


1) Download ROM v1

2) Hotfixv1 (see Change Log for Fixes) Dont directly hotfixv1 flash after Fresh ROM flash.. Let the ROM boot once then go back to recovery and flash it..

3) StockICS Beta Kernel with CWM HERE

4) Optional Deodex Patch (If you want to Deodex your ROM- Just Flash in Recovery after flashing ROM-Wipe Delvik Cache) Thanks to kormatoes for deodexing


HotFixv1 (11-3-2012)
a) Blue Color to Digital Clock and Data Status Bar to match ICS AOSP (it will remove battery% mod so please Reflash that)
b) Fixed 2G/3G Toggle widget not working
c) Added Battery 1% Mods in ADDONS section
1) After booting up ROM there will be no Keyboard... So please go to Settings>Language and Input> and Click Default and Select Android Keyboard. Will make a Patch for Sony Keyboard if most guys want...

2) Please allow the ROM to settle for atleast an 2-3hrs as Media Scanners, sync etc etc always run on First boot... Then check the smoothness...

3) Set Windows animations in Developers Options to .5x or just disable it for a snappier experience..

4) If you have questions regarding the Rom, please don't pm me... just ask your questions on thread. . i read every post and will answer as much as i could..

Bugs: You tell..

Hit THANKS if you Like it....

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