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Sunday, 11 March 2012

MooDeD ICS ROM v.4.0 / xUltimate v7.0 Engine [ROM] 


Final | Stable Release ROM... + 4.0

Version 4.0 ~ STABLE FINAL RELEASE | Report If Its Nice..  | Make A Factory Reset 
MooDeD ICS Version 4.0 + xUltimate Engine v.7.0
MooDeD ICS Version 4.0 + xUltimate Engine v.7.0 [ALTERNATE LINK] 

Fixes : 

WiFi Fix Download:
WiFi Fix For 3.0

SuperUser Fix Download : 
Super User Fix

SuperCharge V6 RC.9 For ICS Download :
SuperCharge V6 [See XDA Forums] 

Addons :
Facebook Inside Xperia : Download Link:
Facebook Inside Xperia v.1.0

Toggle Buttons 2.0 RC.1.0 Beta 1.0 : Download Link:
Still Buggy No toggle Buttons For Now

Known Bugs On Version 2.0 

~Error On Setup Screen Its ok Just Press Okay I Know How To Fix It Later On My xFast Patch... 
~DSPmanager... Error Fix ~ [REMOVED] Fixed For Next Version 4.0 
What Does Means Its Means Its A File That Replaces It And added A New Build.prop and init.d So You Dont Have To Download The Newest ROM 

Engine Available For Xpeia Arc And Arc S

Default: xFast Engine v.3.0 : Download Link
Default xFast Engine v3.0

Agressive: xFast Engine v3.0 : Download Link 
Agressive xFast Engine


Default: xUltimate Engine v.7.0 : Download Link
Still Updating Script... 

Agressive: xUltimate Engine v7.0 : Download Link 
Still Updating Script... [/URL]


Installing xFast Engines..
1.Wipe Dalvik Cache
2.Flash The Zip.File Or The xFast Package
ChangeLog For Default xFast Engine v.3.0 / v.2.0
  • Added New Tweaks In Default SuperCharger V6.
  • Added Battery Saver If Screen Is Off...
  • Added Service Mod Power Saver
  • Added New Build.ID

ChangeLog For Aggressive xFast Engine v.3.0 / v.2.0
  • Added Supercharge v6 Build Propsret
  • Added New Secret Tweaks For Internet
  • Added WiFi Max Out Tweak Currently its all 0 value on your Rom Must be 1
  • Added New Build.Prop
  • Added Init.d
  • Supercharge v6 And RAM Manager..

Use And Flash This Kernel
1. download the zip and copy it to fastboot folder
2. enter fastboot mode
3. type: Code:

fastboot flash boot boot.img
To get into recovery, press any key at blue led.
Download Kernel:

Download This Kernel: http://www.mediafire.com/?6d7dno0mqnqq9c1

Buggy: Dont Use DooMKernel ICS Beta

Version 1.0 Init Release.

Remove Some Apps
  • Added Build.Prop Tweaks
  • Init.D Tweaks
  • Some Supercharge v6 Tweaks
  • Lock Home At Memory

    Version 2.0
    • Added DSP Manager
    • DreBeat Hack =DSP= 
    • Remove Some Apps
    • Improve UI and Scrolling
    • Added System UI MOD
    • LOCKED Apps On Memory By : AFX Of Android forums 
    • Added Best Apps
      ~Apps For Overclocking
      ~Apps For Powersaving
    • Remove Some Useless Build.Prop Tweak That Doesn't work on 4.0.3 

Version 2.9
  • Compatible Supercharge v6 For ICS Or Just Test It...
  • Added New Tweaks
  • Added Build.Prop
  • Change Script_ui_print
  • Change IDEOX...
ChangeLog: v.1.0
  • Initial Release
  • Added Tweaks
  • Added More Build.prop
  • Beta Release

ChangeLog v.2.0
  • Aggressive Lag Improvements
  • Remove Some apps
  • New SystemUI From Xperia P
  • Added CGM 9 Google Apps
  • Facebook Inside Xperia

ChangeLog v3.0
  • Added Galery Update
  • 2 Media Bug Fix
  • SuperUser FIX
  • Added Supercharge v6 Code Download Script Above
  • DIE-HARD Script Enabled...

ChangeLog v4.0
  • Fix Battery Drain ... Cause I Put I/O Tweak
  • 1 Bug Fix
  • SuperUser Fix For LT18i
  • NEW UI... Added
  • Apply Zep... or SuperCharge Script [Manually]

MooDeD ROM ICS v.4.0


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