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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I'm not a ROM developers after a lot of use I found these tweak improved performance and gave me better battery life so thought of uploading my ROM here. 
  1. Based on LT15i Firmware 4.0.2.A.0.58 stock based
  2. Notification toggles added
  3. Google Talk with Video support tweaked to work with data as well
  4. Replaced the Default Launcher with ADW
  5. New Kernel tweak optimized for performance
  6. Automatic ZipAlign
  7. Defrag SQL DB at boot
  8. OOM Tweaks
  9. GPS Tweaks
  10. CPU Governor Tweaks
  11. Android Internal Taskkiller tweaked
  12. I/O Scheduler tweaks
  13. Network speed tweaks & improvements
  14. Removed lot of bloatware including FB Inside Xperia and all SE Widgets to make it lite weight
  15. W7 PhonFonts
  16. Zipalign apk for optimal performance
  17. VM heapsize increased to 64M
  18. Google Talk with Video support additional fix to work over data
  19. MegaBass Tweak
  20. Windows Manager tweak
  21. Black screen call fix 
  22. Battery Tweaks
  23. Themed Framework-res.apk 
  24. Battery % closed to stock
  25. SD card speed tweak 
  26. Internet speed tweaks
  27. Minfree handler tweak
  28. VM/Sysctl tweaks
  29. Host file (*Updated*)
  30. Lot of new Build.prop Tweaks added


Note: Since I have added special kernel tweaks specific for OnDemand Governor tweaks for best performance use select OnDemand or Performance and I/O Scheduler todeadline Use SetXperia or NoFrills. 


The ROM works best with DoomKernel v15. Remember to flash is Wifi modules to get the Wifi to work. [KERNEL][ARC/ARC S] DooMKernel [Rel:v15][Dt:17/Nov][FW:4.0.2.A.0.42]

I'm not responsible for any bricked devices. Do it on your own risk. Please backup your current ROM before applying the new one. 

Known Issues:
  1. Talk force closed at first time boot (But it works fine after the second boot)

Change Log:

Version 1:
Initial release 

Version 2:

Replace the Launcher with ADW
Few new tweaks added 

Version 3:
Rebuild the ROM for scratch 
Themed Framework-res
New Kernel tweak optimized for performance
Automatic ZipAlign 
Defrag SQL DB at boot 
OOM Tweaks 
GPS Tweaks 
CPU Governor Tweaks
VM/Sysctl tweaks
Android Internal Taskkiller tweaked
I/O Scheduler tweaks
Network speed tweaks & improvements
Lot of new Build.prop Tweaks added


thomassafca, britoso, smokin1337, knzo, Logseman, doomed151, DoomLord, alienmind and special thanks to Wolfbreak


  1. Version 4 has released buddy. Thanks for posting my ROM here ;)


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