The PSV handheld tablet——YPDPG 18 :: Android Powered

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

More and more tablet PCs appear in the market, a unique tablet will have good sales.
YPDPG 18 is a tablet but looks like the PSV handheld. That is so interesting.
Configurations: Amlogic 8726-M solution, 512M ROM, 4G Flash storage, Android2.2 OS, front facing camera, rear facing camera, WIFI, gravity sensor, 5-inch resistive screen with 800*480 resolution.
The package
It supports HDMI
The plastic shell is smooth.
With cross buttons, analog stick and bilateral auxiliary buttons, it is an excellent tablet for games.
Compared with other games consoles, YDPG18 have more buttons. Based on Android OS, different kinds of handheld emulator can run on the tablet. Android also provides so many games.
With HDMI you will get good experience.
It is also a tablet PC which can be used for suffering the internet, playing videos and making chat.


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