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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


i´ve just receive this mail from dropbox:

"This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic. Your Dropbox will continue to function normally with the exception of Public links.

This suspension is temporary (3 days for the first time)."

due to this factor i had to upload all this shit(!) to a different server and it will take some time.

sorry but don´t kill the messenger 

For now this is the way it is. OTA won´t be available.

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Reference Thread HERE



(Based on FXP50 & MIUI 2.11.26 | Android 4.0.1)

  • Read carefully all installation procedures and please, before ask read this OP or 2nd post. Thanks.
  • Always check 2nd post for updates, fixes and add-ons
  • Personally i just "hate" the iPhone look of MIUI but i really love the other stuff so this is a sort of mix.
  • This was made to give you the first available rom completely based on FXP Team work

Unlocked Bootloaders Installation Procedure:
  • Install THIS patch thought cwm5;
  • Go to Rom Updater app and then just follow THESE simple steps (you won´t see v47. instead you´ll get 001 and further);
  • On last pic choose no because reboot in cwm5 doesn´t work there. Go back to the main app window and choose the last option "reboot in recovery";
  • Thought CWM go to the new folder "romupdater" and install;
  • Enjoy the new adventure 
  • From here yuou´ll need to go to 2nd post to install other updates/upgrades/fixes

If you think this is to hard, follow THIS guide from kantk20111 

Note1: You must be on a Rom with CWM5!!!
Note2: The will install Rom Updater app and build.prop file so from now on you can receive OTA updates
Note3: If you´re on a Rom with J´s or doom´s FXP kernel this should work straight forward. 
Note4: If you have any other kernel installed, please install THIS one first then you can flash back to your current one. Not sure how´s the behavior. Please report back. - for unlocked bootloaders only!!!

Locked Bootloaders Installation Procedure:

Reference Thread HERE.
Huge Thanks to cobrato witch create theses patches so users can have more options to choose 
  • Instructions:

    [1] Do a backup before you proceed;
    [2] Download and copy it to SD Card;

    At this point you need to install cobrato´s modded kernel that comes with CWM5 first (choose HERE witch one you want);
    note1: do steps 3 & 4 if your current rom is running on stock kernel or standard custom kernels or;
    note2: skip steps 3 & 4 if you are currently running cobratos Miui or FXP Port

    [3] Download;
    [4] Flash it with xRecovery;
    For More Games and Apps at or  T
    [5] Reboot and press [Back] key when "Xperia" logo appears, you should get into CWM5;
    [6] Install THIS patch;
    [7] Follow THESE simple steps to download my rom;
    [8] Install (this should be always the last file to install or your phone after EVERY rom installation or upgrade won´t boot!!!)


  • If you came from another rom preform a full wipe;
  • There´s no need to wipe anything between my updates;
  • Always choose "Full" on the Roms list unless i told you otherwise ;
  • Long press on Rom version to see changelog;
  • This is a beta version of FXP47&MIUI 1.11.18 i didn´t care to much at this stage to make this rom stable. My main objective is to start and configure OTA updates for my Rom. Next updates and/or patches released through OTA will be more stable;
  • I´ve uploaded my Roms and OTA updates to my Dropbox account. Don´t know why but sometimes this gave error while downloading. Just try again.

Thanks to:
  • FreeXperia Team for there work and from there Rom on witch this was based on. Always check there thread HERE
  • azuzu for the initial brainstorming
  • cobrato for ... to much to mention
  • EffectX for create my boot image sign image and much more 
  • Giacomo Furlan for Rom Updater app and for helping me to put it in my rom
  • Oodie, ThJap & 9Lukas5
  • Brian, Matthias & Andy for the initial OTA tests
  • ALL XDA devs & Users


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