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Friday, 9 September 2011

Stock x8 2.1Eclair Vs Custom 2.3.5
Quadrant :
 Gingerbread Cm7
Stock 2.1 Eclair-470
Gingerbread CM7-1252
Tested with few X8 of my friend sadly could snapshot :(
Stock : 25fps
Gingerbread Cm7:46fps
Free Ram:
Stock : Reachable 50mb
Gingerbread Cm7: Reachable 96mb
Tested with around 1 Hour Gaming with Fruit Ninja and Angry Bird Rio
2 Hour wifi at 70% Brightness with the idle including few hundred sms received and sent
Stock : 13Hour's Max
Gingerbread Cm7:16Hour's Max

Without wifi and lot of application/games
Stock : 1~2 Day
Gingerbread Cm7:3~4days
*p/s: Undervolt for GB and without overclock*
New Light weighted and tweaked rom from CM7 
More performance regain from new cm7 core then old eclair
Reduce and Gaming now able to run smooth (not 100%) with help of chainfire3d
With JIT and Ram optimize script built-ed in,user able to maximize their free ram almost 2x as tested
Undervolt and Removes all battery hungry apps helped battery life to reach more then expected
Toward flashing this kind of rom improve a lot in term of Performance VS Battery
Standard X8 2.1 Eclair couldn't win in any term
With new apps2sd builted in and almost 150mb of internal free memory usable
You can now install more apps without worries in the stock eclair
Optimised browser and Better apps compatible rom :D
For the test purposes we had been tested 5 Xperia X8 and a W8 


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