Gamevil Illusia (Android version)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

With so many projects successful mobile game market in Korea, Gamevil quickly spread to the North American market with quality role-playing games such as Zenonia and Hybrid . With the latest additions to the collection of their role-playing game -  Illusia again proved Gamevil brand " King of the RPG on the IOS . " Illusia a role-playing game - side-scrolling action format ( changes in game screen horizontally) instead of 2D from above style of the game Zelda Zenonia . In the game, players will play as a brave warrior or a talented magician with index system and individual equipment.


When villagers in turn disappeared, players discover the creatures of this land is being hypnotized by a dark force and forced to stand up arms to fight for peace of land, including 7 parks Aztaran large areas.The plot of Illusia is not so special, however, diverse system tasks, and interesting character lines create the attraction of the game. Gameplay of Illusia not too faithful to the norms of traditional role-playing genre, but in favor of the combined platform and role-playing genre of action, allowing players to freely move in and attack the stage for the discretion of her. After each upgrade to a new level, players can change fighting styles in 14 separate class as well as combat skills upgrading and using the magic of the characters. Besides the task sequence, players can also participate in the trial at Rush Mode - where players can tweak their items in forge or online auction of rare items. After completing the single player in the Normal difficulty setting, players can continue to try hard with all levels of supplies had been at the Normal. Graphics of Illusia stylish surroundings of Gamevil with full colorful, cute and lively even in the 2D system with effects of physical attacks and magic show started mat.Voi Illusia , again Gamevil to represent high as talented RPG game and continued its pleasing fans of role-playing game on the IOS. (From


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