Friday, 16 September 2011

After hour's of recompiled and editing this rom
finally been released and tested fully working [no bug] =D
This rom are based on CM7.1.0 Pre-nightly 
Ported System Ui from Xperia Mini/X10/Arc and edited apk
So what this all about?
Trying to bring the features from Xperia 2011 Line into X8
Maintaining Speed between Performance over System Ui from Xperia Mini
  • Jit Enabled
  • Smartass V02
  • Juwe Ram scripted
  • Overclock and Undervolt :D
  • Xperia Mini System Ui
  • Xperia X10 Contact and Dialer
  • Infinite view Xperia 2011
  • Xperia ArcMini Music 
  • Removed xLOUD 
  • Removed Unwanted apps(can be added later)
  • Dual Touch
  • Timescape (optional)
       Next changes:
  • SemcMusic
  • More Xperia 2011 featured to be ported
  • More free ram optimization
  • MMS.apk
  • Bravia & xLOUD if possible
  • Suggest me any idea by comment below 

More Update will be available in [MiniX 03]


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