News: Huawei received “2012 Middle East Product Innovation Award"

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Huawei has been received “2012 Middle East Product Innovation Award” from Frost & Sullivan, in recognition of his achievement in the category of Huawei’s network security in the Middle East region.

We are very happy when a domestic manufacturer was success in other country and especially in global market. In giving the award to Huawei, Frost & Sullivan highlights the anti-DDoS solutions company owned by Huawei, Huawei edge R&D capabilities, customer-centric innovation, neatness level channel structure, and strategic focus on the development of network security product portfolio of affordable, and appropriate for the Middle East region.
“Huawei has demonstrated excellence in obtaining significant market share in network security market by serving customers and markets a broad scope” said Y. Shashidhar, Managing Director, Frost and Sullivan. “The ability of this integrated security technology unblock bottlenecks in performance without compromising mission critical applications, further strengthens our belief that Huawei is a worthy recipient of the “2012 Middle East Product Innovation Award” in the Network Security Market”.
The evaluation criteria for the award from Frost & Sullivan has four major categories are; product innovation, use of leading edge technology in products, features and benefits of the inclusion of value-added services, and the company’s ability to increase the return on investment deposits (ROI) for customers.
As evidence of Huawei’s commitment to product innovation and customer-focused, Huawei has 15 R&D centers and 25 integrated development centers around the world. Three Huawei’s headquarters is located in the Middle East region, and Huawei has invested invested heavily in developing its customer base in the Middle East since Enterprise division was established nearly two years ago. Now, Huawei has 4,000 labor in 14 branch companies serving nine countries in the Middle East.


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