[ROM][Assaye-V0-0-5][T/TX][STOCK7.0.A.3.195 Unlocked or Locked][DEODEXED][30/11/2012]

Sunday, 9 December 2012



[Stock based-7.0.A.195] [LT30p][Unlocked and Locked Bootloaders]
In collaboration with vinss68

No claims, no nonsense, this is just a rom for people who need a stock deodexed rom to help with theming etc. and want a trusted source.
This is just made from dsixda's Android Kitchen and I hesitate to call it development. [MOD's, if you think it should be moved, feel free] Its just something I did and thought I should share
Feedback is actively encouraged

  • Based on [STOCK FIRMWARE][LT30p]7.0.A.3.195
  • Certain Bloatware I dont use removed {Like EAGames, Zombies, wisepilot etc}
  • Fully deodexed (Except one file for playstationcertified)
  • Added my [MOD] Xperia T 14 statusbar toggles with settings Credit Peetr_
  • Added SuperSU Credit Chainfire
  • Added gmail.apk from 4.2 ROM
  • AOSP Lockscreen
Full changelog in post 2
Installation for Unlocked Bootloader
  • Make a backup- Always backup just in case you ****up
  • Flash my kernel from here or advanced stock kernel found here Credit lzyllp (This is to get Recovery and root. Also, the kernel has a lot of tweaks. Choose either T or TX depending on your phone.) SiyahKernel-XT Alpha 0.2 kernel also works well.
  • Enter recovery
  • Factory reset
  • Flash rom.
Installation for Locked Bootloader
  • Use flashtool to flash any generic 7.0.A.1.303 ftf.
  • Root using Bin4ry's method.
  • Install CMW for locked bootloaders
  • Enter recovery, factory reset and flash the ROM. Then flash the flashable version of CMW recovery for locked bootloaders before you reboot.
  • FIX FOR BOOTLOOP WITH EXTENDED BATTERY MODE. Flash this in flashtool to update your kernel to stock 7.0.A.3.195 Stock kernel
    [All the tools and links can be found from the all in one thread here]
Optional Installation Step
  • If you are coming from a ROM with the same base you can advance restore you data partition in CMW to get all your apps back.
  • You can also flash the build.prop and init.d tweaks from vinss68 found in post 4. These tweaks are maintained by vinss68 so any questions regarding these should be directed to him. Thanks vinss68
Known Bugs and Fixes (If applicable)
Bootloop for those who are on a locked bootloader and enable extended battery mode.
Using a 7.0.A.3.195 ROM with a 7.0.A.1.303 kernel.
Flash this file in flashtool to update the kernel to 7.0.A.3.195.
For our friends from across the pond who have to deal with dodgy carriers like Rogers, bell and AT&T, this may not work. Your carriers are precious people who dont want you to have your freedom. I can provide you with the fix if you can provide me with a stock FTF of your latest firmware update.
How to Report Bugs

Answer these questions.
1. Which version of the ROM did you download? Please provide the download link.
2. Are you on a locked or unlocked bootloader?
3. Which kernel are you on?
4. Have you flashed anything else, or is the bug coming from a CLEAN install of this ROM?
5. What are the symtpons of the bug?
6. How can I reproduce the bug?
7. Can you provide a logcat?
8. Any other comments that might help me or others to help you.

Thilinac, seraj, r35471853, Till-Kruspe for use of their mods [I am not a dev, just bringing lots of nice mods together into a stock ROM.]
DooMLoRD for lots of help in the past (and hopefully the future) he is the main guy!
Championshipswimmer for a lot of help with cygwin/linux
Androxyde, Bin4ry, zidzhu, blagus, the_laser and many more for their tireless work on the Xperia line of phones.
peetr_ for the port of the 14 status power notifaction toggle
recoba23 for the resize of navigation buttons.

V0-0-5 Xperia T
Assaye-V-0-0-5-gregbradley T.zip - 457.72 MB
V0-0-5 Xperia TX (Untested, I dont have a TX, waiting for confirmation it works)
Assaye-V-0-0-5-gregbradley TX.zip - 457.72 MB
V0-0-4 Xperia T
Assaye-V-0-0-4-gregbradley T.zip - 454.19 MB
V0-0-4 Xperia TX (Untested, I dont have a TX, waiting for confirmation it works)
Assaye-V-0-0-4-gregbradley TX.zip - 444.90 MB
V0-0-3 Xperia T
Assaye-V-0-0-3-gregbradley T.zip - 446.66 MB
V0-0-3 Xperia TX (Untested, I dont have a TX, waiting for confirmation it works)
Assaye-V-0-0-3-gregbradley TX.zip - 444.79 MB
No Release
No Release

As usual, I am not responsible for turning your beloved phone into a bookend, please read and educate yourself fully before attempting any mod on your phone. And if you drop it down the toilet it has nothing to do with me


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