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Thursday, 13 December 2012


Many of you may know about my WanamLite Roms for Galaxy S3, so i'm glad to present you my Rom for Galaxy Note 2 (N7100 only).

The main goal of this Rom is Stability, performance and battery life, that's why i will try to include essential and free bug mods only.

Screenshots will be posted on 2nd post.
Features :

 Based on latest Samsung Base
 Pure Stock Themed
 Deodexed & Rooted & Zipaligned
 Unlimited SMS recipient list 23 Toggle buttons & Numeric battery (optional on Aroma)
 Large APNs list
 Repacked & Tweaked stock kernel + init.d support (tweaks will keep working on other custom kernels)
 Automatic SMS encoding (Arabic and other utf-8 encoding support)
 Tweaked Pegasusq Governor
 Disabled scrolling cache
 No incremental ringtone Enabled Call recording
 4 Way reboot (Recovery,Download...) Stock Keyboard
 Enabled all Languages on Settings menu, keyboard and Spen
 Kies support
 Higher sound levels (optional on Aroma)
 Enabled Call button on contacts list
 Unlimitted Contacts joining
 Enabled Shutter sound on Camera
 Disabled Shutter on Apps
 Hacked Stock Email App
 Latest SuperSU update
 Swapped Video and Call button on the dialer
 Replaced Video by Message button on the dialer 
 Skip music tracks with volume buttons long press
 Auto wipe cache & dalvik-cache before flashing Removed some bloatware (optional on Aroma)
 More to come...

Download & Changes log:

Important Notes:

  • A Wipe Data is highly recommended if you get any FC (S-Planner or else..)
  • If you get any issue with your Contacts name not showing, just go to "Application Manager -> All", wipe "Contacts storage" app data and reboot your device.

Installation steps :

 Copy my Rom to internal sdcard Install a CWM recovery, get it here, (Only if you don't have it)
 Backup, backup, backup Flash my Rom from recovery
 Reboot & enjoy

Some simple tips to get the best of your battery life :

 Disable auto sync for accounts
 Disable GPS
 Disable auto backup of Gmail account
 Set brightness level to automatic
 Disable motion if you don't use it
 Check your apps settings and disable useless background sync
 Disable useless animations


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