News : Sony Yuga (C660X): A couple more photos unveiled

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Russian site Mobile-Review has revealed a couple of photos of the upcoming Sony Yuga (C6603). It doesn’t reveal anything new as we had already seen some leaked photos of the handset a while back. However, author Eldar Murtazin, normally known for his disdain of Sony Mobile products has sung the praises of the prototype Yuga.
“Each technological revolution leads to a totally fantastic device that we could not ask for a few more decades,” Eldar says (translated). He goes on to say that the large dispolay and powerful Qualcomm chipset “makes a fabulous combination”. His main criticism comes in the form of how hot the handset can become, “warm as a stove” is how the author describes it. Hopefully, we’ll hear more on the handset in the coming weeks. 

Sony Yuga

Sony Yuga


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