Android 4.2.1 Pushed to The AOSP

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Earlier today, Nexus devices were getting treated to a point release – 4.2.1 – to address the issue of December being missed out from the People app. It’s only a minor fix and has now been pushed to the AOSP. With the source code of the release being pushed into Open Source there’s a good chance that ROMs are going to follow quickly. Aside from the change to the People app there’s little different under the hood but, these point releases are what inch towards OEMs picking up the code and preparing it for updates on their devices. As always, Jean-Baptiste Queru has given the announcment and you can find it below:

The source code for 4.2.1 is being pushed into AOSP right now. This is a minor release on top of 4.2. The build number is JOP40D, the git tag is android-4.2.1_r1.
4.2.1 uses the same device-specific proprietary files as 4.2.
The factory images for the various devices will follow in the next few days.
As always, not all of the code is available right now but, the following builds are available:
Soon enough, there should be some updates to the few Android 4.2 ROMs that are out there and updates from manufacturers should start being worked on. This isn’t to say that we’ll see updates any time soon but, it’s these point releases that manufacturers pick up to build their updates from. So, I suppose it’s about that time we start betting which manufacturer will bring their Android 4.2.1 update first, my money is on Samsung, how about you?
[Source: Android Police]


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