[ROM][Xperia X8]MIUI.us v4 ICS[2.10.12][STABLE][SnapSeries][15/10/2012][Uploaded]

Sunday, 14 October 2012


Presents the Official SnapSeries
MIUI 2.10.12 ICS ROM


This Is My Own Build For The SnapSeries Devices Which Selected to be running own the MIUI build ( Xperia X8 )
Currently My Xperia Arc (Daily Driver Phone) Has Sent to Repair & Will cost some amount $$
As for now my main device to test build P500 has Become my daily driver therefore i can't work on it
This will eventually slowdown process of release and bug fixing.
Any Donation Will Be Appreciated To Cover Up My Cost to Repair My Daily Driver,It helps me faster to get back my daily driver and focus on the build
As i am closer to my final exam therefore i need to save up time for release hope you guys understand.
More info can checkout my twitter for latest info@IdeosDevZack
Working ::Latest Xperia X8

  • Boot
  • Touchscreen
  • MIUI Apps and Launcher
  • Sd-Card
  • Wifi
  • Sms and Call -2g/3g
  • Bluetooth
  • Accelerometer
  • Audio
  • headphone
  • Superuser root updated and works
  • Installing Apps
  • GPS
  • Virtual Keys
  • Led
  • Brightness
  • Sensors
  • Charger
  • Camera
  • USB Connection
  • Browser
  • Other's

Not Working/Broken:

  • What's More??

  • Latest 2.1.1.A.0.6/2.1.1.C.0.0 SE firmware / Baseband: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015
  • Unlocked bootloader
  • Latest version of the ICS nAa kernel
  • Download the MIUI.us_XperiaX8_vXXXX_SnapSeries_Signed_ideosdevz ack.zip from the release link that follows
  • Backup your /data contents: contacts, apps, sms, etc. or backup via recovery
  • Move the MIUI.us_XperiaX8_vXXXX_SnapSeries_Signed_ideosdevz ack.zip to the root folder of your sdcard.
  • Make sure you are using the nAa-ics kernel
  • Enter CWM and:
  • - Select 'backup and restore -> Backup'
  • - Select 'wipe data/factory reset' (MUST DO)
  • - Flash the zip. To do this, Select 'install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard' and select the MIUI.us_XperiaX8_vXXXX_SnapSeries_Signed_ideosdevz ack.zip
  • - Flash gapps if you want them!
  • Reboot (first boot will take ~2 mins)

Disclaimer : I'm not responsible if this ROM bricks your lovely phone. Use it at your own risk!

|Strictly No Copying My Rom in Any Part & Do Read FAQ at Post #2 |
Any Illegal Usage and Without Permission on any work that develop by me will be reported and serious action will be taken
ROM Stealing Will Be Take Count Seriously!
Download & Changelog at Post #3
Root Now Working (Method)
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Downloads & Changelogs

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Download v2.10.12 Uploaded 
Older Download : 
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Changelog :


  1. 15/10/2012
  2. Updated To V2.10.12
  3. Optimised system file to not exceed system limit
  4. SuperSu Latest Added To All Line Up except Xperia X8 & X10 Mini
  5. Fixed Package Installer Fc's
  6. Fixed Headphone (SoundAbout Include)
  7. Fixed Graphic Glitches
  8. Remove all brightness flashable(Brightness working now)
  9. Certain Device Get Rebased to latest CM9 Build
  10. Lightweight and speed improvement
  11. Better Battery Life (Enabling Deep Sleep)
  12. New Wallpaper
  13. Lite lockscreen to reduce lag are available just copy from the zip at theme folder to (sdcard/miui/themes)
  14. Major bug has been resolved.
  15. Codename Stable
  • 24/9/2012
  • Updated To V2.9.21
  • Removed Whole Bunch Of Files(Complete Diet System)
  • Optional Apps Package (Can push to system/app if you want)
  • Remove Data/app function (User Report that problem)
  • Switched To SuperUser 3.2 (Just Let it automatically response>allow)
  • Removed LBE Guard & All Miui Superuser System(Problematic)
  • Fixed Google Play Installation Fc's
  • Fixed Microphone
  • Fixed the keyboard screencut
  • Intergrated Google Apps
  • Optional Brightness Control Enable /Disable Flashable Zip
  • Apps installation complete but fc's is normal
  • Lightweight and speed improvement
  • Better Battery Life
  • Till date most stable refreshed UI Miuiv4
  • Fixed RIL Problem On X8 & X10Mini(Do Make Call After Booting To Enable RIL)
  • 17/9/2012
  • MIUI 2.9.14
  • Native USB Storage without require any apk [Need Feedback]
  • Fully Update Latest Without Removing Stuff!
  • MiuiToolBox Fully Functioning Now!
  • GuardProvider & LBE Guard Now Works without Fc's
  • Lowest Brightness dimm off now patched :) AKA SliderBug
  • Superuser
  • Theme now install & load fine
  • Data/app feature now enable due to low storage in system
  • Lockscreen now can call upon faster (press power button)
  • Launcher Resized Finally Working Like A Beast (Method Here)
  • V2.8.31
  • MIUI 2.8.31
  • Media Now Scan and Solved (FileExplorer &Music Player especially)
  • Backport Some Lib from latest MiniCM9 Nightlies
  • Updated Superuser
  • Improved Setting(Fixed Some Misplaced button)
  • Root Now Working (Method)
  • More Stable and Better On Battery Life
  • Removed Some Unwanted Apps
  • Most stable build till date :)
  • USB Patches(not confirm) [
  1. V2.8.17
  2. MIUI 2.8.17
  3. Fixed Setting now work especially wifi and bluetooth
  4. Fully Resized For MDPI Launcher(Take lot of serious time)
  5. Fixed all those FC's from the rom
  6. Fixed Call Problem on tester version
  7. Updated Superuser to 3.2 RC2
  8. Updated Google Play to Latest v3.8.16
  9. 4-Way Reboot
  10. Lockscreen bug improved (nearly gone maybe :p )
  11. Removed some unwanted lib
V2.8.10V2[*]Fixed some problem with setting[*]Clear Up Some Files On The Build[*]Wifi Fixed[/LIST]
  • V2.8.10
  • MIUI 2.8.10
  • Fixed some problem within the build
  • remove aroma to normal updater :)
  • Rebased with latest MiniCM9 4.0.4
  • Remove Some Apps to Data/app to space up the system
  • Joined SnapSeries Rom's
  • V2.6.29
  • MIUI 2.6.29
  • Fixed some apps FCs
  • simplified AROMA Installation (noobs friendly )
  • V2.6.22
  • Fixed Lockscreen Bug
  • Improve stability
  • Added With AROMA installer ;)
  • Fixed Headphone
  • USB Mount Storage Apps Added
  • Lightweighted
  • Other's Improvement for performance
  • tweaked brightness levels
  • Initial Released


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