[POLL] : Make Your Device Official V2 & Make your device a snapseries line up

Saturday, 13 October 2012

 We are back with Stage two of the Making device as official SnapSeries
As admin we has agree that the device has SnapSeries Official May Turn out to be unofficial but zack's has exclude the Samsung Galaxy Ace,P500 & Xperia X8 for Miui from this therefore they are safe from this.Any changes will be made.We also do stress that we only want to give full attention to device worth building on.In this matter we will show the result calculation

(Unofficial Device)>Official Device

  • 40% Result From The Poll
  • 40% Download From Overal Build Release
  • 20% Post View On DroidXDA Post

Adding Device (To-Be-Added)

  • 800 vote and more


Quoted from previous Poll : http://droidxda.blogspot.com/2012/09/poll-we-want-to-know-which-device-our.html
Currently we are naming our lineup with two catergories :

Official : 
  1. Active Thread (Daily)
  2. Active Support To Our Dev include us (DroidXDA) 
  3. with stable rom(Working List Everything)
  4. High Install rate on the particular device(Download as well)

Unofficial : 
  1. Active Thread (Daily)
  2. Active Support To Our Dev include us (DroidXDA)
  3. Which still under beta devs stage
  4. Medium Installation Rate
  5. (Include New Joined SnapSeries Dev Work : -will be updated to Official If Meet Requirement) 

We mostly anticipated to look forward to focus more device under list of Official SnapSeries Line Up
Therefore more work & fixes including new features can be added without needing to spent time on device that has lack of attention and need from us :)
We will based on the result on polls & change their status

Opps Before Admin forget about something :
We are also adding 3RD Catergory that is Low Line
 Whereby all the device under this catergory due to unactive thread,low install rate,low support rate & lack of user for this particular device.For this Low Line Device.It may get update but without weekly basic/monthly due to we can't focus on it as no intention & support from user anymore.


  1. hope to see continued support for the marvelc cdma wildfire s. big fan of this and have been using it as my daily driver since the second it was released. :) good work.


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