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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Presents the Official SnapSeries


This Build is for LG Optimus One P500 and it's from me [email]ideosdev@MIUI.USV4 on CM9 Nightlies
This is an alpha build and don't complain thing don't work
Will try to get weekly build for this P500 if this build get stable 
Any donation or can be made to me or over forum at miui.us (IdeosDev) /Twitter: @IdeosDevZack
Working ::Latest P500
  • Boot
  • Touchscreen
  • MIUI Apps and Launcher
  • Sd-Card
  • Wifi
  • Sms and Call -2g/3g
  • Bluetooth
  • Accelerometer
  • Audio
  • headphone
  • Superuser root updated and works
  • Installing Apps
  • GPS
  • Virtual Keys
  • Led
  • Brightness
  • Sensors
  • Charger
  • * *Camera
  • * *USB Connection
  • Browser
  • Other's

Not Working/Broken:

  • I think no more xP (Sexy)

• Download the ROM
• Copy the ZIP to Memory Card
• Start CWM
• Make a Full Wipe (factory reset, mount & storage > format /system, advanced > Erase Dalvik cache)
• Start the install
• Enjoy!

Disclaimer : I'm not responsible if this ROM bricks your lovely phone. Use it at your own risk!

|Strictly No Copying My Rom in Any Part & Do Read FAQ at Post #2 |
Download & Changelog at Post #3
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Credits: (MIUI.US ) & CM9 Team

 Downloads & Changelogs

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Download v2.8.31 Uploaded
Older Download : 

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Changelog :
  1. V2.8.31
  2. MIUI 2.8.31
  3. Media Now Scan and Solved (FileExplorer &Music Player especially)
  4. Now Based On Latest CM9.1 Final (SEP 3)
  5. Updated Superuser to SuperSu (Superuser not really working on granting permission)
  6. Improved Setting(Fixed Some Misplaced button)
  7. Root Now Working (Method :Using SuperSu )
  8. More Stable and Better On Battery Life
  9. Removed Some Unwanted Apps
  10. Most stable build till date :)
  11. No more issue booting up with "Battery" ANIMATION XP
  1. V2.8.17
  2. MIUI 2.8.17
  3. Fixed Setting now work especially wifi and bluetooth
  4. Fully Resized For MDPI Launcher(Take lot of serious time)
  5. Rebased on latest CM9 Nightlies #20120807
  6. This mean on latest kernel as well
  7. Fixed all those FC's from the rom
  8. Fixed Call Problem on tester version
  9. Updated Superuser to 3.2 RC2
  10. Updated Google Play to Latest v3.8.16
  11. 4-Way Reboot
  12. Removed some unwanted lib
  1. V2.8.10
  2. MIUI 2.8.10
  3. Browser Fixed No More Fc's
  4. Camera Fully Working
  5. Updated To Work With CAF Kernel
  6. Implemented MIUIToolbox
  7. USB Now Mount and Works
  8. New SuperSu replace superuser
  9. Wifi Fixed and Snappy Connection :D
  1. V2.8.3
  2. MIUI 2.8.3
  3. Fixed some apps FCs
  4. Camera Patch
  5. Based On CM9 Nightlies
  6. Initial Build For P500


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