iPod nano
If iPhones and MacBooks isn’t really your thing of interest, then the immediate announcement of gorgeous new ipod nano may just be what you have been waiting for. With the iPhone and iPad having access to services like iTunes Match and having fairly powerful Music apps built in, the iPods have been suffering with sales in recent years. Apple will be hoping that the announcement of the two new devices will revitalize those sales.
The new iPod nano features an all new design, and has a much larger, widescreen display than the previous generation iPod nano. It’s just 5.4mm thick, 38% thinner over the previous generation iPod nano.
Volume controls sit on the left hand side of the new nano, allowing users to turn up and down the volume with ease.
The display on the new iPod nano looks gorgeous and has a physical size of 2.5-inches, and sticking true to their display laurels, the new iPod nano’s display is multi-touch.
Here’s something which might surprise a lot of users, the new iPod nano has a home button just like the iPhone. Pressing the home button takes you to the main grid of the player where all your apps are listed.
The new iPod nano comes in 7 different colors, has an integrated FM radio which even lets you pause live radio and resume later on. The new iPod nano now supports video playback, finally!
Bluetooth support has been added to the nano, which lets you connect wireless headsets so you can enjoy your music cables free.
The new iPod nano also comes with the new Lightning dock connector with high-speed data transfers.
This all new iPod nano will be available for $149 in October this year.