Chinese Journalists working undercover at Foxconn

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A reporter from Shanghai successfully created investigative report in Foxconn factories. In its report, the reporter managed to masquerade as one of the Foxconn worker whose job is to assemble the iPhone 5.

Shanghai Evening Post reporter said that there are thousands of people whose job is to assemble the iPhone 5. “According to my calculations, I should be working on at least five plat iPhone every minute of it. Every 10 hours, I had completed the 3000 back plate of the iPhone 5 ” wrote the journalist.
He explained that there are four production lines in the assembly process. Each row consists of 12 employees. “Each line can produce 36 thousand plate behind the iPhone in half a day, it was terrible,” he said.
He also told that he finally stopped working at 7 am. But they were eventually asked to regroup after work. “Supervisor shouted loudly in front of us, ‘Who wants to rest early at 5 am!? We are here to make money! Let’s work harder ‘, “he explained. Though additional salary earned very little, just only 27 yuan ($ 4 USD) for two hours.


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