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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Here at Miniand we have been hard at work getting Linux images working on the MK802, and we have successfully built Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu images.
We have Droidmote server available through a PPA, so you can control the device using your Android phone.
The current version of the images support Wifi, Bluetooth, gamepads, and have a wide range of other drivers enabled.





  • Lubuntu 12.04 v4 A very lightweight version of Ubuntu using LXDE, recommended
    • 1GB 1080p - 307.3MB 8745ae9f3b64ae7c584f461af272a1e5
    • 1GB 720p - 307.3MB 3817c63736135bc24d395f3e81ac96f4
    • 512MB 1080p - 307.3MB 5eb772216410f5c39d3d604c86e7bb63
    • 512MB 720p - 307.3MB e95fec74a314eb77147db58091589b2e
  • Xubuntu 12.04 v1 A lightweight version of Ubuntu using XFCE, recommended
  • Ubuntu 12.04 v1 The standard Ubuntu release using Gnome
  • Kubuntu 12.04 Delayed until next release Ubuntu using KDE as the desktop environment
Other versions:


Warning: this will erase any current data on the SD card. You need an SD card at least 4GB in size.

Mac / Linux

  • Download the desired image
  • Extract the image, an example using the p7zip CLI is p7zip -d lubuntu-desktop-12.04-4-miniand.com.img.7z
  • Insert the SD card
  • Find which device the SD card is with fdisk: sudo fdisk -l. It will be something like /dev/sdd
  • Copy the image to the SD card with dd, making sure to use the SD device: dd if=lubuntu-desktop-12.04-2-miniand.com.img of=/dev/sdd
  • Make sure the write has finished with sync: sudo sync
  • Put the SD card into your MK802, turn on the MK802 and enjoy!


  • Download the desired image and extract it with 7-zip
  • Insert your SD card
  • Download Image Writer and write the image to your SD card. Warning: make sure you pick the correct drive as the contents of the drive will be deleted in the process
  • Eject the SD card, put it into your MK802, turn on the MK802 and enjoy!



The default password is miniand.

Droidmote - control using Android phone

  • Boot Ubuntu and connect to a network.
  • Right click on the networking icon in the panel and see connection information, take note of the IP address.
  • Install DroidMote Client on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Open DroidMote Client, go to settings, and set the password to "miniand".
  • Connect using the IP of your MK802.


v4 - 2012-07-21

  • Removed Droidmote from the original image since it needs to be updated sometimes. Will package separately as a PPA which will allow automatic updates.

v3 - 2012-07-07

  • The Droidmote developer gave us permission to include Droidmote server with the image, so you can use your mobile phone to control Linux. There will be a .deb download soon for users who downloaded the v2 image.
  • Correctly created image to not cut off the final 1MB.

v2 - 2012-07-06

  • Implemented suzuke's u-boot to unlock 1GB RAM.
  • Using Toby's 3.0.36-t1 kernel with paranoid networking disabled and a large range of drivers enabled. This fixes bluetooth among enabling many other things. Performance increase due to new kernel too.
  • New technique for building image to dramatically reduce download size.

v1 - 2012-06-14

Initial version.

Known issues

  • Hardware video decoding and 3D OpenGL isn't available.
Source Via : Miniland


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