The Samsung Vibrant, T-Mobile’s original Galaxy S devices, is an oldy but a goody. I personally still use mine today as we speak. I have put it through its paces, flashed more ROM’s to it than anyone ever thought possible and, in my opinion, has had one heck of a group of developers working with it to make it better and keep it alive. With the help of ODIN, Jigs and just some general hackery, the Vibrant had a had time dying. Alas, all good things come to an end, at least potentially with the CM team. The Vibrant’s maintainer, +Daniel Bateman, device is on its final leg of life and it is time to move on to something new. In his words -
FYI, my phone is going to pot… Battery contacts are bent (but still work), case is cracked (but replaceable), and the USB port is almost dead again (I sent it for port replacement once already). I’ll be upgrading to a new phone later this month or early next month, maybe GS2 or GNex.
Thanks for the support guys. I didn’t do that much. Hopefully no one died from 911 failure.
My advice to users: Upgrade
I feel ya there Daniel. Mine is holding on by a hair at this point. My battery contacts are also bent, luckily the usb port is still just fine and oddly enough, I am still using the same device I bought over two years ago without a trade, exchange or sending it in for repair. The CM team says that CM10 won’t be dropped from the device immediately, but being that the maintainer will no longer be in the mix, it will face the grave sooner rather than later. There is good news though. They know there are still a lot of people out there rocking a Vibrant and are looking for a developer that might be interested in maintaining the device for a while longer.
If you have the chops (Java experience, a Vibrant and the time to put into working on it), please PM FaultException on XDA (
Any takers?
Via CM G+
Thanks Dave