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The Android system has experienced several years of development, and gradually occupied most of the smartphone market share. While Android phone constantly lowered the price, indicating that the true low-cost era of smart phones will have to come.
MediaTek as the leader of the Chinese chip maker this year to accelerate the pace, the supply of dual-core products have been officially listed in July, which means that their entry into the smartphone market less than 2000 yuan, and Qualcomm , Texas Instruments, Samsung front of the phone, such as cheaper chips battle.
In fact, since last year, MediaTek has accelerated its product line layout. Launched last year’s first 3G smartphone chip: MT6573, only a single-core performance, this year launched to improve frequency to 1GHz with MT6575 series, including a more low-end MT6575M and MTK platform’s first dual-core MT6575T, because of the importance of this dual-core, it changed its name to MT6577. How aboout performance of this dual-core chipset? Without further ado, with the understanding of this low-cost dual-core processors.
MT6577 chip is also a platform
The MT6577 chip integration of Taiwan’s MediaTek latest R & D dual-core chip, the integration of third-generation chip for a more robust performance. Gold the legislation GN700W phone domestic first equipped with the MT6577 chip has been officially listed, follow-up there will be more MT6577 chip, mobile phones, low-cost dual-core field of intelligent machines must be waged.
Usually MediaTek chip is called the platform, a highly integrated chip clocked at 1GHz, Contex-A9 architecture of the ARM dual-core processor, Dialog’s 3G/HSPA rollout the Modem chip and Imagination Technologies Inc. PowerVRTM SGX SERIES5 3D graphics processor unit (GPU). In simple terms is similar to the PC platform, the chip integrates the CPU, graphics card and wireless network chip. MT6577 chip’s pin-compatible with previous generations of MT6575, so this platform, companies can save part of the upgrade costs and speed time to market.
MediaTek MT6577 chips located in the field of high-end smart phones, because the current dual-core intelligent processor is used for high-end market, For MT6577 chip with low integration costs and the efficient performance of the user into the experience excellent smartphone market. Compared to dual-core platform MT6577 and MT6575 platform with single-core support the latest Anadroid 4.0 operating system, and more advanced design framework for a substantial increase in the browser with various application performance. In addition, its multimedia performance, image processing technology with dual-card double-pass scheme is more advanced.
To see where to upgrade
The dual-core MT6577 chip relative to the previous generation’s MT6575 chip technology to improve places or more, let’s look at both simple parameter contrast.
Can learn from the table MT6577 chip for dual-core design, using leading A9 architecture, and the process is to achieve 40nm. MT6575 is leading in the number of cores.
Upgrade resolve
MediaTek MT6577 chips upgrades to the local increase in the number of cores, integrated synchronous core of the two clocked at 1.2GHz A9 architecture and improve the process and structure, to increase the secondary cache, so that the overall performance compared with single-core 6575 chip 30-40% increase.
According to the data show that the MediaTek MT6577 computing power, the overall performance, as well as browse the Internet and other aspects beyond the competitors dual-core Cortex-A8 chip, only flat in 3D image processing and competitors.
Apart from the processor and efficient computing power, multimedia, MT6577 support full HD 1080p video playback, the naked eye 3D, the screen displays brightening technology, zero-delay camera and many other high-end mobile phone functionality. Consumers can enjoy low price and efficient performance experience.
MediaTek network connectivity capabilities, the MT6577 is also very powerful. Has a very high integrity and scalability of their network connection programs, can support dual card and multi-platform, developed to support different network standard end products in a single program can take advantage of the lowest cost, and the higher the stability of its network connection . In theory, the MT6577 can replace the Modem chip to support the three major 3G network can also be connected with each other to achieve the dual network dual standby, single network dual standby or other network combinations.
Strong performance is not equal to the high frequency
Many cell phone manufacturers in the publicity of the hardware configuration the number and frequency of the processor core is essential for both the focus. In fact, this is understandable, indeed, the frequency and the core number of the two main parameters that affect the CPU performance, but this is not equivalent to the strength of the performance. MediaTek MT6577 performance leap, the most important is the update on the architecture, then together to explain the structural aspects of the performance impact.
In general, A9 architecture advanced than the A8 architecture, the performance of normal A8 architecture supports only single-core processor, A9 architecture supports dual-core processor, which among apart from Qualcomm MSM8260 the Fengyun dual-core A8 architecture CPU. Mainstream single-core mobile CPU on the market are the A8 architecture, dual-core CPU are generally A9 architecture. Since the number of core support, of course, A9 architecture can support more cores will naturally be stronger than the A8 performance.
Under the same frequency  single-core CPU integer processing capabilities of the Cortex-A9 architecture can to 2.50DMIPS A8 architecture peak handling capacity is only to 2.00DMIPS. If the theory of integer data, computing power, data processing capabilities of the A9 dual-core processor architecture is 2.5 times that of the A8-based processor.
DMIPS with MIPS to explain:
DMIPS is: used to measure the units of the computer chip. DMIPS the greater the value, the stronger the CPU data processing capabilities. The MIPS: Million Instruction Per Second and, used to calculate the same second system of processing capacity, that is per second how many millions of instructions can handle.
Processor floating-point is power computing as an important indicator to measure the strength of the computing power, floating-point calculation is more complex than integer calculations and cost. The same frequency dual-core A9 processor floating-point computing power than the performance of the A8 architecture more than 50 percent. The dual-core A9 architecture is not simply the sum of the processing capacity of the number of processor cores, but also on the single-core computing has greatly improved, they collaborate to enhance performance is not simple addition.
The difference in the structure is also reflected in the two size of the cache, secondary cache is a high-speed access between the CPU and the memory channel, which can accelerate the speed of data storage, saving the time of the CPU directly read memory. This means that this two large cache on the CPU performance impact, the same under the same frequency in the frequency, the greater the secondary cache capacity, CPU processing capacity will be the stronger. The different architecture of the CPU is not the same as in the configuration L2 cache size value, the A8 architecture can be configured with 1M A9 architecture can reach 8M.
Of course, the mobile phone manufacturers will be based on the positioning of the chip, cost a variety of factors and rational allocation of chip secondary cache size, because the greater the secondary cache, the greater the cost will be, the price will be a corresponding increase in However, the Cortex-A9 architecture, cache configuration the theoretical value are top configuration, A9 architecture will greatly ahead of the A8 architecture processor.
Data used to speak
With the theory and practice in order to prove the theory is correct. Phone CPU components different from the CPU’s PC platform, we can not use the DIY method of fixed variables to test, that because of the resolution, firmware version, memory size and other factors such as differences affect the comparative results may be a little bias, results are only reference.
From a performance point of view, can be described as fully suppress the previous generation chip MT6575 enhance the magnitude is very considerable.
Integrity can run sub-score comparison quadrant Premium came in the mainstream dual-core mobile phone location, LG Optimus 2X and Samsung Galaxy S II is similar, the overall performance has reached a high position.
3D graphics test of the capacity of the MT6577 to secondary grades, compared to dealing with performance improvements and the enhancement of the 3D graphics capabilities are relatively limited, or carrying SGX 531 graphics chip. Which vellamo browser performance, ranking quite early, which also has a positive MT6577 browsing performance optimization to enhance the performance of approximately 30% of Internet experience will increase.
Reference to the the MediaTek Greater China on behalf of Mr. Lv Xiangzheng speak, MediaTek MTK involved in dual-core areas is consistent with the original strategy involving the 3G market, MediaTek pursuit of the timing of interventions, rather than a pioneer. Indeed, in the dual-core processor has gradually become the mainstream of the moment, MediaTek own set of low-cost platform solution into the market, violently hitting the market. Advanced and efficient integration solutions, low platform cost savings should the price of smart machines further down, more and more manufacturers through the MTK platform to the user into the cheap smartphone market.
MediaTek MT6577 chips have advanced Cortex-A9 architecture, dual-core with 40nm process, the overall performance has reached the standards of the mainstream dual-core market, coupled with its low-cost, simple platform integration, will certainly be many mobile phone manufacturers choose. Can be predicted that low-cost high-energy era of intelligent machines will be forthcoming.
Many people may think that the MTK chip is the cottage, in fact, we need to look at the nature of the matter. MediaTek MTK is not a cottage, just because the chip is inexpensive, simple platform integration, so there will be a lot of cottage manufacturers, we can not because the cottage manufacturers equated MTK platform.
Perhaps, the MTK integration solutions such as defects, but it is precisely because he has a set of platform way to many manufacturers. This MT6577 chip performance, performance has reached the mainstream dual-core level, more importantly, the emergence of the smart machine market caused by the multi-beneficial effects.


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