News Rikomagic MK802 II to sport 3 USB ports, full-sized HDMI

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Rikomagic MK802 is a PC-on-a-stick that generally sells for around $80 or less. The current model ships features an Allwinner A10 single core processor, 1 full-sized USB port, a mini USB port, a mini HDMI port, and a microSD card slot.
But Andy Kirby at the Rikomagic UK forums says the Chinese device maker is working on a next-generation unit with a tweaked design.
MK802 II
The MK802 II will feature a full-sized HDMI connector, letting you plug the stick right into a monitor or HDTV without using an HDMI cable.
It will also have 3 USB ports (2 micro and 1 standard sized port).
The rest of the features are staying pretty much the same, which means it will have the same Allwinner A10 processor and Mali 400 graphics as the current model. The case appears to have some extra holes for ventilation though.
While a faster processor would be nice, there’s at least one advantage to sticking with the Allwinner A10. There’s currently a lot of independent software development around this chipset.
The MK802 ships with Google Android 4.0 software, but we’ve already seen early builds Ubuntu, Fedora, and Puppy Linux ported to run on the device. A number of other tablets and mini PCs such as the Mele A1000 set-top box and the latest Coby Kyros tablets use the same processor.
Kirby says Rikomagic is also talking about another next-generation device, possibly featuring a different dual core processor.


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