[ROM]Fedora 17 ported to the MK802 Mini PC

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The MK802 is a mini PC that’s about the size of a chunky USB flash drive. While it ships with Android 4.0 software, the little computer can run a range of operating systems.
We’ve already seen several versions of Ubuntu Linux and Puppy Linux ported to run on the MK802, and now the folks at Miniand have released a disk image of Fedora 17 that can run on the tiny PC.
MK802 Fedora 17
The Fedora 17 image uses the light-weight Xfce desktop environment which is designed to run well on computers that don’t have bleeding-edge processors or huge amounts of RAM.
That’s a good thing, because the MK802 has an Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 processor, 4GB of storage, and 512MB to 1GB of RAM. It’s not exactly a speed demon.
Unfortunately the current disk image appears to be optimized for the 1GB model. I wasn’t able to get it to load properly on my MK802 which has half the memory.
But according to posts at the Miniand forums, several users have successfully taken Fedora 17 for the MK802 for a spin.
Eventually the novelty is going to wear off and I’ll stop commenting every time someone ports a new operating system to the MK802. But right now I’m still amazed at just how versatile this little sub-$100 computer is.
You can pick up an MK802 or similar device from AmazonAliExpress, eBay, orAsiaPads.


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