Nokia 808 PureView US launch confirmed by Nokia

Friday, 11 May 2012

Recently, we heard that Nokia will be launching the Nokia 808 PureView in Mexico. This was after the company publicly announced that it won't be selling Symbian and S40 phones in North America any more and also excluding the continent from the 808 PureView list of launch countries.

Now, Nokia US President Chris Weber himself confirmed to that the 808 will indeed be launched in North America in the next couple of months. The 808 PureView won't be available through any of the carrier but will be sold unlocked and will be compatible with T-Mobile and AT&T.
It makes us wonder what caused this sudden change of heart for Nokia. Perhaps the Windows Phone-only for North America strategy isn't working out as well as Nokia expected. But if that's the problem then an unlocked Nokia 808 doesn't sound like the best solution.


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