Get Ready For Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Affordable Android ICS Tablets: Amlogic Unveils Dual-Core Cortex A9 Tablets in China

Saturday, 26 May 2012

amlogic dual core android tablets 1024x577 Get Ready For Ultra Fast, Ultra Affordable Android ICS Tablets: Amlogic Unveils Dual Core Cortex A9 Tablets in China
Fast and price-competitive Chinese dual-core tablets using top-class chipsets are becoming a reality.  Hot on the heels of Fuzhou Rockchip’s multi-core RK3066 models, relative newcomer Amlogic Corporation unveiled its 2012 dual-core hardware lineup in Shenzhen today, including 7”, 8”, 9.7” 10”, and 10.1” models.
John Zhong, CEO of Amlogic, stated “One of the key components of a successful tablet is high resolution display.  Most dual-core tablets carrying our chipset have selected 1024×600 or 1024×768 IPS displays in order to provide consumers with a better overall experience”.
The multi-core ARM Cortex A9 AML-8726MX maxes out at 1.5GHz.  For the GPU, Amlogic has paired up with ARM (no love for Vivante?) to deliver a multi-core Mali 400.  In data shown during the presentation, a tablet carrying the AML-8726MX performed neck-and-neck with the new iPad in JavaScript SunSpider benchmark results, which benchmarks web browser performance.
In addition to display resolution, Mr. Zhong believes that tablet manufacturers should focus on these key areas:
  1. Unique industrial design
  2. Touch panel performance
  3. Web experience
  4. Multimedia performance
  5. 3D game experience, compatibility
  6. Standby power consumption
  7. Continuous usage time
Expect to see these hit the market sometime in the next quarter.


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