[ROM] SE X10i - M&M`S MiUI 2.3.23 | Android 2.3.7 | V4.0 RELEASED!! (25.03.12)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Because MIUI is so amazingly and easily customisable for everybody we decided to leave the look stock MIUI. 

  • unlocked bootloader
  • Baseband71

Changelog M&M´s V4.0
  • MIUI 2.3.23 based on FXP111
  • improved battery
  • network tweaks
  • speed tweaks
  • MIUI apps included
  • ICS framework (when you prefer eye candy use slow transition animations in spare parts )
  • German, English and Chinese languages by default, 
    a lot more, so please check it out 

  • flash the latest CM7.2 FXP kernel
  • download M&M´s ROM and add it to your sd-card.
  • boot into CWM recovery
  • make at least one factory reset, wipe dalvik cache and cache partitition
  • install the ROM
  • reboot, don´t worry when it takes some time and don´t scare 
  • go to "Einstellungen", "System", "Sprache und Tastatur", "Sprache auswählen" for another language
  • go to "Personal", "Display settings", "Advanced mode", "use custom", "Light level to dim" and choose 20(default)
  • Enjoy the speed 


CM7.2 FXP kernel 

M&M´s V4.0

FIXES,Information/ Addons/ Helpdesk

Arc Launcher for Sony Ericsson Style
Lockscreen from MiUI V4 copy to /sdcard/MIUI/theme (Thanks Ricardo!)

Multilanguage MiUI:
in ROM integrated GERMAN, ENGLISH and CHINESE.

For other Language use our own Multi-language Hotfix on POST 4!


If you have an Battery draining:
Download and open the APP CPU SPY and look if the phone is in the deep sleep.
If not please RESTART and go into CWM Recovery and perform wipe partition and wipe Dalvik Cache!
Reboot and everything should work!

If you have Problems with large Apps:
Install Link2sd.
If this dont help, please install via CWM LINKtoSD FIX NEW (14.03.11)

For any FC`s or WLOD or Freeze:

Download ROM Manager App, open ROM Manager and please click "set permissions".
Reboot and everything should work!

Have you Problems with Freeze/FC`S etc..please do one of the following or both: 
Disable the EQ (Press the menu button from within the MIUI MUSIC APP and press "Disable EQ"), or.. 
Turn OFF fade settings in the settings of the MIUI MUSIC APP (press the menu button, 
go into settings and scroll to the bottom, its there!) 
if you try one or the other and still have the issue then try both 


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