[ROM] Official MIUIv4 for LT18i (ArcS)

Monday, 26 March 2012


What works:
-seems that everything

What doesn't work:
-you tell me

Fix to get English: http://speedy.sh/TbtAC/build.prop
Fix if you have flashing problems: http://speedy.sh/sGPKY/updater-script

Copy necessary files to miuiandroid_lt18i-2.3.23.zip before flashing.

build.prop to miuiandroid_lt18i-2.3.23.zip\system\build.prop
updater-script to miuiandroid_lt18i-2.3.23.zip\META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script

boot.img inside zip, flash through fastboot then install zip through recovery and remember do nandroid backup before

Download: http://speedy.sh/qsh9X/miuiandroid-lt18i-2.3.23.zip | md5: 28CA0D3841296A8B9705283D57B77AD3

Installation for LT15i you have to flash boot.img from official beta ics for your device then install this zip, but also you have to replace updater-script I attached above.


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