[Tweak][X8/W8] JimdemDroid Tweak for CM7 Roms

Sunday, 12 February 2012

JimdemDroid Tweak Package

Featured at XDA Portal!
Here is the package that became very popular in Greece and loved by many users. Increase your phone's speed, battery life, optimize the overall response and make your phone more beautifull with this little update. It is designed for CM7 roms (for mdpi phones). The JimdemDroid Tweak Package includes the best tweaks for you phone. With a simple installation through Clockworkmod recovery you can enjoy it's benefits.

  • Optimized response/scrolling
  • Faster boot/shutdown
  • More free ram (Thanks to Juwe ramscript)
  • Fast multitasking
  • Fast taskbar
  • Better audio quality in videos
  • Instant GPS lock (GR users)
  • BRAVIA Engine
  • XLOUD Sound Drivers
  • Faster screen rotation
  • Better battery life
  • Faster wake/sleep
  • Keyboard type Xperia Stock
  • Clock Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Dialer type Xperia stock

Requirements: (Every kernel both stock and custom is supported)
  1. A CM7 rom of your choice
  2. Clockworkmod Recovery (Included in most roms)

Files: (From 21.1 version and above, the tweak works with every CM7 rom)
The newest version implements also the optimizations of the previous.

It contains the code for loading many aspects of the tweak!

Universal tweak (All cm7 roms+GingerDx)

Lite versions do not contain visual changes, custom themed apps, custom fonts and generally do not alter the appearence at all

Through xRecovery or CWM Recovery, make a full backup. Then, transfer the zip to your sd card and through CWM Recovery, install it. It is not required to do full wipe. The first boot might be slower than normal.

Various instructions:

Use of Rescan Media Root:
This app disables android's feature to search for media after boot. Disabling this increases our boot speed. Open the app and select "disable media scanner". Close the app and you are ready.
Modules for rom (dualtouch, undervolt etc) are included in the tweak so you just install your rom and then you install the tweak.


Known bugs (Due to framework change):
  • Clock in center not working
  • Kernel info doesn't appear in settings
  • Sense lockscreen appears as sliding tab
  • (Reboot Option) Reboot to CWM recovery not working
  • DSP manager not working due to XLoud
  • PowerAmp 2.0+ FC

Most of the above problems are resolved by using the lite version of the tweak that does not contain graphical changes


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