Minecraft for Android gets Survival Mode and more

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The day that we've all been waiting for has finally come, Minecraft for Android has been updated and the new update brings what many consider to be the actual game: Survival Mode. Until now, it has just been the Classic mode (aka digital LEGO mode), but now users get the real meat with Survival Mode. 

Minecraft for Android gets Survival Mode and more
This is a big step forward for the game, but the update doesn't stop there. Obviously, if you're getting Survival Mode, you also need the goods to go along with that, so the update also adds day/night changes, zombies (because there needs to be something trying to kill you in order to survive), sheep, building blocks to create better shelter (doors, fences), and tools for various needs (fighting, gathering, etc.) 

If you've been holding out on Minecraft: Pocket Edition, this is likely what you've been waiting for. As always, you can give it a try with the demo version, or jump for the paid version which is available for about $7 in the Android Market.


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