[ROM][ARC/ARC S] arconium 7.0 beta 3 - Almost there! [4.0.2.A.0.62][9 Feb]

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Click here for more information about the beta. If 6.1 is already working fine for you, no need to flash the beta since it might be unstable.

Lightweight and speedy fully-functional stock ROM with various tweaks. A patch for arc S is available.

Screenshots from arconium 6.0



Recommended Configuration

- Unlocked bootloader.
- DooMKernel (modules included) or StockPlus kernel (requires stock WiFi modules in the Downloads section below).
- Baseband 56/58/64. Baseband 36 requires a patch.


6.1 - 27 Jan
- Reverted to stock theme.
- Fixed button backlight issue.
- Themes compatibility restored.
- Zipalign on boot; better memory usage of apps.
- Attempt to fix Superuser.
- Small changes to tweaks.
WARNING: This update wipes Superuser data, apps that require root will ask for permission again.
6.0 - 23 Jan
- Updated theme (thanks to thomassafca).
- Redone tweaks for better stability and more consistent performance.
- Included GTalk.
Sounds add-on - 29 Dec
- Contains sounds/ringtones from stock ROM and CM7.
FB/Timescape v4 - 24 Dec
- Updated to 4.0.2.A.0.62.
Old Changelog


Main ROM
update-arconium-6.0.zip (109 MB)

update-arconium-6.1.zip (10 MB
update-arconium-6.1-LT18i.zip (10 MB)

update-arconium-FBInside_Timescape-v4.zip (5.96 MB)
update-arconium-Sounds.zip (7.84 MB)
update-arconium-StockModules.zip (914 KB) Stock WiFi modules for kernels that require them

These files do not wipe the data partition, so it is safe to flash over an old version and retain settings/apps/data.

Old Files

Known Issues

- Sometimes Superuser is unresponsive; described as an app showing a black screen when asking for root. Fixed in 7.0 beta 1.


- If you experience lags or slowdowns after updating to a new version, 'Wipe Dalvik Cache' in CWM -> Advanced.
- If you use Link2SD, make sure to 'Recreate Mount Script'.
- If you use DarkTremor's Apps2SD, make sure to reflash it in CWM.


1. Copy update zip to SD card.
2. Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
3. (RECOMMENDED) Make a Backup.
4. If you want a clean install of the main ROM, do a factory reset. Otherwise, skip this step.
5. Flash zip package(s) (always flash main ROM first).
6. Reboot.


DooMLoRD - FXP - aZuZu - lpy - Wolfbreak - zeppelinrox - thomassafca


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