[ROM][Huawei U8150][U8120/81XX]Ice Cream Sandwich Beta 3[8/1/2012][Released][UPDATED]

Monday, 9 January 2012

Beta 3 Huawei U8150 Released! :: This is based on tester and myself so if don't work for you dont ask why cause you should know before flashing this is just a beta build and not a stable built .It also buggy and not as fight as CM7.Read Faq Before Asking and i am entering my finals this year so i will working based on my desire.So if you want to support me for my build please do click my ads :) 

  • Touchscreen [Synaptic and Melfas]
  • Launcher
  • Sd Card without UMS
  • Wifi
  • Sms and Call -2g/3g
  • Bluetooth  
  • Accelerometer
  • Audio
  • headphone
  • Superuser root updated and works
  • Installing Apps
  • GPS
  • Virtual Keys
  • Led
  • Brightness 
Not Working/Broken:
  • Camera
  • Video
  • Other

 Changes in Beta 3 :: 
  • Smoother interface (Faster a lot then many previous built)
  • Fixes many fixes (Can check on the link below)
  • Trying to add crossflashing to U8110/8120/8160 and Etc (No promises)
  • Builted In Gapps
  • Removed File Expert and added Filemanager instead
  • A keyboard fix with lower ro.density tweak version also available
  • Some other minor tweak
  • Dialer might has some delay (2s)
  • More stable apps and games without crashing
  • Switches to 4.0.3
  • Support Overclock

 Download ::
Huawei U8150 | CWM Only ::
Huawei U8120/U8110 | CWM Only ::
Extra Apps 
  1. Touchpal V5
  2. No-Frills
  3. Wifi Tethering 
  4. Usb Mass Storage

  1. Accelerometer in launcher please enable at setting yourself
  2. Turn off animation effect for better and smooth interface
  3. Wifi do try to turn on and scan then restart your phone and try again :)

Previous Changelog ::Beta 2A
 Beta 3 Release Notes :: Fixes


Notice: Very important. Read all before posting questions!
1. This is just a AOSP ROM and it is ported for myself. I just want to share it with everybody. You can report bugs here, but don't force me to fix them. I fix what I need. For example, I don't use FM Radio, so if there's a problem with it, I will probably never fix.
2. I am not responsible for any bugs caused by your custom fixes. Use custom fixes at your own risk!
3. First Boot will take time to odexing on system
4. A red box may appear and is it normal and does need to freak out for it 
5. Many doesn't work yet so be patient =D
6. To Unlock Please do use to Power Button
7. Don't ask me what is fixed and when it going to fix cause everything will be at changelog
8. Again Please Do Read Properly before asking TQ 
9. Beta ICS release and next will be updated at my blog thank you


  1. its very nice better than Beta 2 im testing it and i guess i will keep it until it works properly I like it but there are some bugs

    -USB dont work even with the App
    -Also the USB Debugging isnt working but

    thanks for adding Market it works cool :)
    nice job

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hi sir iam using xeperia x8 i want to install stock kernel ics kindly help me to install full working
    unitedthanu@gmail.com pls reply

  4. is there any new build for u8160/u8160


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