[ROM][GALAXY S][4.0.3] ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Passion v10.6 *BETA* [VIBRANT]

Sunday, 15 January 2012


You can find Links at our FB Group, XDA, CleanAndroid Forums and Simply-Android Forums.
The ROM is really smooth now and yes it's really tempting. 
Everything works! Even GPS and Video recording. Highly customized.
  • Optimized Framework & Launcher
  • Updated Google Apps and Market
  • Zip Aligned
  • Battery Calibration on 100% batterly level with a reboot.
  • Database Optimization
  • Extended Boot Menu
  • Smoother GUI
  • DSP Manager
  • Facebook Sync
  • No more FCs
  • Busybox Fixed with latest Superuser
  • Voodoo Sound v10 Kernel by Nelson
  • SmartassV2 Governor
  • Voodoo Control App compatibility (its data get reset on reboot)
  • OC upto 1.4Ghz. Recommended 1.0-1.2GHz!!
  • Improved Performance
  • Reduced Lag
  • No need of flashing different files -- everything scripted
  • Face Lock Addon available for FFC users
  • Battery Friendly

What works
  • Almost everything!

Known Issues:
  • Choppy Video Playback in some cases
  • Mute & Unmute on incoming calls to obtain clear voice

This ROM is made according to the Vibrant needs. We build this ROM from the multiple ICS available out there and customize it to the level best. 
The kernel used in this ROM has it's source posted below.
If you don't like customization, this ROM is not for you and you aren't welcome to make any comment.
And lastly, we are not responsible for anything happens to your device.
Download Link: (Don't mirror it, please  )

# The ROM will get smoother eventually with use. Don't rush things and Read FAQ.

Sign this petition, please: Petition to bring ICS Officially for Vibrant.

Older Versions:

Download v10 + OC/UV Kernel for ICS Passion v10 by Nelson
Download v9.2
Download v8
Download v7

You Need Gingerbread Bootloader for once if you coming from custom ROM:
  • If you are on any Froyo Custom Rom, install CM7 first and then install GB Bootloader
  • Bootloader is needed to avoid Rainbows which are COLOR SPLASHES on the screen seen during boot.
  • Find GB Bootloader HERE. Flash Bootloader at your OWN RISK.

Installation Steps for those coming from ICS Passion v10 onwards:
  • Uninstall/Disable any root tool which configures kernel or changes frequencies on boot. You can install/enable later after upgrade.
  • Reboot in Recovery
  • Flash the file.
  • Reboot. Let it settle. Enjoy.

Installation Steps for those coming from other ICS versions or CM7 or MIUI:
  • Reboot in Recovery
  • Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  • Flash the file. You may need to flash file twice if there is bootloop due to CWM version mismatch.
  • Reboot.
  • Reboot once again after you see everything settled and you are on your homescreen.

NOTE: If you get in boot loop during first install, DONT panic. 
Remove battery. Hold Vol Down + Home + Power Key. You will enter new recovery mode. Flash the ROM again.
Some users (having Froyo Bootloader) need to press Vol Up Key instead of Home Key to get in Recovery.
For those who are new to flashing or on Vibrant stock ROM (Eclair) 
and don't wish to undertake risky approach of flashing Bootloader, see this video:
For those who are coming from custom non-ICS ROMs:
  • Reboot in recovery (CWM)
  • Wipe Data/ Factory Reset.
  • Format SYSTEM from Mounts and Storage.
  • Flash the file.
  • It will most probably go in boot loop due to CWM version mismatch.
  • Remove battery. Insert it.
  • Press Vol Down + Home + Long press power till Gingerbread bootloader appears and vanish
  • (or press Vol Down + Vol Up + Long press power till Froyo bootloader appears and vanish)
  • You will enter in CWM mode, if not do repeat above two steps
  • Now follow instructions of CM7/MIUI/ICS. Wiping Data again after this may give bootloop. So skip wiping data step.


  1. i've downloaded this, just to test on normal i9000, (non- vibrant). it works perfectly, only that the home button is not working. can you tell me how could i fix this issue,because this is the best ICS i found till now. Thanks in advance


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