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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

[ROM][24-01-2012][4.0.3][RC1]MIUI v4 Fresh v2.1 (Update v1 Added)(VERY STABLE)



Version 2.1 Changelog

- Based off MIUI Android v2.1.20 (Thanks MIUI and MIUI Android) and CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 01172012 build (Thanks Team Hacksung and CyanogenMod)
- KP9 Kernel - Due to data issues with later versions (Thanks Codeworkx again)
- Camera from CyanogenMod - Supports 8MP
- Fixed External SD not being read, now both Music app and Storage in Settings read it
- Added some build.prop tweaks (Better Speed and optimization)
- Fixed Storage view - Now shows both internal and external SD Card
- SQLite3 upgraded to latest version (Better database Handling)
- Added TitaniumBackup v4.7.5
- Other features, i don't remember right now, but will update as soon as I Can

Official ICS Changelog (2.1.20):
[Recommended updates]
Added new guest mode with password / pattern lock support
New dial-up interface utilising T9 search functions. Results support Service provider details

New dialup interface using T9 search, the results support the display of Phone Service providers (such as type 9555, matching the bank will contact the following telephone and other services)

[Backup manager]
Added support to store reminder notes

[Access control]
Added new guest mode password and pattern lock support

The File Manager still doesn't have support for external sd... I'm trying to code it in, but apktool continues to fail.
I'll also update the OP with other stuff as soon as I complete my sleep! Am running 29 hours without it, thanks to the virus that Android is...



1. Copy zip file to /sdcard.
2. Reboot to Recovery
3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
4. Go to Mounts and Storage, Wipe System...
5. Install zip from sdcard - Version 2.1
7. Wipe Data/Factory Reset AGAIN.
8. Reboot.


- MIUI Themes don't work. Create /data/system/theme to get it to work!
- Initially the permissions manager will ask for permission to Manage ROOT. Permit that.


1. Uploaded a new update v1 for Latest Version!


Camera supporting 8 MP from CyanogenMod
Monitor.apk - For Data Usage (It still FCs in Settings... Use app from Tools Folder)
Root Browser.apk - Root Browser Lite
Titanium Backup.apk - Titanium Backup Latest version!

Flash like normal over existing install from CWM.


2. Temporary SMS Fix!

Go to Messaging app > Settings > Message Style > Change Bubble to List!




MOUNT FIX - Change SD Card to Read as EMMC and EMMC as SD Card - Helps to see EMMC directly from File Explorer!

http://www.mediafire.com/?undefined - To swap EMMC with SDCARD!!

http://www.mediafire.com/?81df8dd1gdosp3o - To Restore back to original!!

KP8 Kernel - With Mounts Fixed

I used KP8 Kernel for a couple of hours, maybe its just a placebo, but I found the battery to be draining less than KP9 for me atleast. Modem in use KI3, Rom - AdyScorpiusMIUI v2.1 with all the jazz installed and running..

So basically, took the plunge, and uploading a KP8 Kernel flashing CWM, alongwith the files to be changed in framework etc to get the storage, media etc running intact. Flash after flashing the ROM...

Download HERE!

ORD - Obsessive ROM-Updating Disorder!

You want the best experience from the ROM - Speed/Optimized/Stability!
Follow this to the T.

1. Flash the ROM after wiping data/cache/system.
2. After reboot, don't touch the phone, screen, anything for the first 10 minutes!
- Exception - If there's a Google Start page(Like on v2.0) wait for 2 minutes, then go through the initial pages, till you reach the Home Launcher, and then let it idle for 10 minutes! (DO NOT CONFIGURE GOOGLE ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW. 
3. Reboot
4. Now, configure your Wifi(If you feel like, else 3G/2G's good), and configure Google Account and repeat the 10 minutes wait. 
5. Reboot again.
6. Now install/restore apps from Titanium Backup or whatever place you choose to from. However, avoid restoring data as much as you can! Different bases have different structures, and can cause corruption!
7. Reboot to Recovery
8. Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, Fix Permissions.
9. ENJOY !!! 

I have used these steps ever since Eclair on a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, and they've never failed me...


If its Terrible!
1. Backup your Memory SDs...
2. Format your SD Card and External SD Partition.
3. Restore just the images, songs, Titanium Backup Folder, clockworkmod backups. Avoid the other folders that can possibly contain corrupt files, specially those made by unstable apks.
4. You should have a major difference in battery life.

If its not so Terrible!

1. Go to SD Card, wipe/delete the following folders
- /sdcard/Android/Data/com.android.providers.media
- /sdcard/Android/Data/com.cooliris.media
- /sdcard/Android/Data/com.google.android.gallery3d
- /sdcard/Android/Data/com.android.providers.media
- /sdcard/AndroidThemes (Its only a backup, not required if your ROM is fine)
- /sdcard/Android/DCIM/.thumbnails
- /sdcard/Android/DCIM/100ANDRO
- /sdcard/LOST.DIR

Reboot, and let it stay for 10 minutes! (Building thumbnails etc.)
Reboot again... ENJOY!


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