[Kernel[W8/X8] Alfs for GingerDX |v06| 6-01-2012

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I started playing with the kernel and the result was surprisingly pretty good(in my opinion),so here it is Remember I'm not an expert or developer, so expect bugs and use at your own risk.

This kernel is based on the FreeXperia-Team's work, so a huge thank you to the best team

-All fxp team addons:
  • -X8Gesture / AX8MT
  • -smartass / smartass2 governor
  • -netfilter / iptables
  • -swap
  • -MDDI fix
  • -ext 2/3/4
-vr IO scheduler is default
-working smartass and smartass2 govenor
-Overclock by Zefie, thunderc_kernel_xionia
-OOM grouping fix and minfree values. minfree= 1536,2048,6912,7168,8192,9472 Credits:zeppelinrox
-Working netfilter/droidwall
-Chargemon support
-(fps cap)
-working cypress driver in ICS and gingerbread

-Unlocked bootloader
-Flashtool 2.9.1
-Recycle all your warranty papers

Install instruction
- Download
- Unpack the rar and put it in flashtool/firmwares folder
- Turn off the phone
- Run flashtool
- Press Flash, choose downloaded file
- Plug in the usb while pressing back button
- Wait till progress finishes
- Unplug the phone, turn it on back
- Hope for the best
- Go to CWM recovery with back button and install the update-rom-chargemon+vold-AlfsKernel.zip Remember if you update the rom, then reinstall this.- Wipe cache and dalvik-cache in recovery

-This is only tested on E15i and GingerDX
-I can't promise that overclock is working on all phones.Default boot clock is 600Mhz.My phone is stable at 748Mhz
-You need to install the included update-rom-chargemon+vold-AlfsKernel.zip to mount sdcard to pc and fix the chargemon script.
-Please don't bug doixanh with my bugs.
-My Git source

Change log

6-1-2012 -v06
-updated to kernel version
-fixed error mounting ext4
-changed smartassv2: DEFAULT_SLEEP_IDEAL_FREQ 245760 to 128000
-working cypress touchscreen driver in ICS

27-11-2011 -v05
-(added "fps cap" at ca 60fps)
-added darkfrmr's Notification bar difficult to pull up with cypress digitizer (gingerbread) fix.Great work darkfrmr
-Only one kernel version with chargemon support.And one "rom" update file with chargemon and vold fixes 

18-11-2011 -v04
-cwm recovery NOTE: Backups made with v5 are not compatible with earlier versions-some fixes to ramdisk
-There is now 2 versions,one with chargemon support and one without.
---If you install with chargemon, then install: update-chargemon-gdx_AlfsKernel.zip in cwm to fix offline charging and remove some unwanted code.(ONLY TESTED ON GINGERDX)
---You will need to restore chargemon if you go back to stock kernel(reinstall GingerDX)
-small adjustments to kernel
-Usb tethering test here

12-11-2011 -v03 -The weekend has arrived 
-revert to older cmw recovery to fix advanced restore
-busybox fixes(su binary and adb install)

11-11-2011 -v02
-added nand id 0x5590bc2c to fix mount error one some devices. Thanks to Amrooz for logs and help
-added minmax govenor
  • -v02a -working droidwall

10-11-2011 -v01
-First version

-adb install *.apk from pc don't work
-(some phones have mounting issues.)fixed in v2??
-droidwall /netfilter

-don't use app2sd script(system/etc/init.d/10apps2sd) when using sd-ext.My phone gets useless with dalvik cache on sd, and I have a class 6 card.Use link2sd instead to free up space, and keep apps you often use on phone.

-Free Xperia Team
-Doixanh for helping with wifi driver and for his great work.
-Timpot07 for helping me with testing
-Amrooz for logs and help

Final Note
I'm not responsible if your phone goes boom, runs out the door or doesn't behave.
Please stop for 5 seconds and think before you post something smart

Remember to install the update-rom-chargemon+vold-AlfsKernel.zip

Attached Files
File Type: rarX8_01_Alfs.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.67 MB, 4469 views)
File Type: rarX8_02a_Alfs.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.71 MB, 3441 views)
File Type: rarX8_03_Alfs.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.69 MB, 15212 views)
File Type: rarX8_04_Alfs.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.86 MB, 13155 views)
File Type: rarX8_04-with_chargemon_Alfs.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.85 MB, 11185 views)
File Type: rarX8_05-with_chargemon_Alfs.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.85 MB, 14944 views)
File Type: zipupdate-rom-chargemon+vold-AlfsKernel.zip - [Click for QR Code] (158.9 KB, 13252 views)
File Type: rarX8_05-with_chargemon-no_fps_cap_Alfs.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.85 MB, 21686 views)
File Type: rarX8_06_Alfs.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.86 MB, 7772 views)
File Type: rarX8_06-no_fps_cap_Alfs.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.86 MB, 13421 views)


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