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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Latest info:
[Dec 08]
 fix CPU voltage to default with script ( /system/etc/init.d/13vdd_levels )
 fix build.prop

 add swipe clear notification status bar (Thanks to YutoKuro)
 fix tweaks font (Thanks to YutoKuro)
 fix battery dialog (Thanks to YutoKuro)
 long press power button screenshot (need root)  (Thanks to YutoKuro)
 update superuser app to v3.0.7
 change busybox source
 mod statusbar
 fix Email
 mod build.prop
 fix some scripts
 fix statusbar, spareparts, disable Camera LED while video recording,, animations, between button LED  (Thanks to YutoKuro)
 fix theme
 add torch app
 change custom font
 mod torch widget
 speed up
 kernel rev09-4
  kernel size down (1.74MB !!)
  fix for stable
  more better scheduling
  revert lowermemorykiller driver to .35
  add V/R io scheduler and set as default
  backport  sources from .32
   power, video, drivers and more

*****  kernel  *****
 update rpcrouter to newest (Thanks to tkymgr)
 support BZIP2/LZMA compress
 enable htrick
 update jhash to version3
 native suppport ext3, ext4, cifs, nls_utf8
 FPS uncap
 call volume fix
 added Scheduler (SIO & BFQ & V/R)
 added CPU governor (smartassV2, interactivex, Scary & lagfree), power up (ondemand, consavative)
 drivers update (CPU, video, and more)
 freqs and voltage
 a lot of smoother tweaking !!
 and more...

You can see change history 

- System Requirements -
baseband: .71

- tweak -
--- ROM ---
 xrecovery fully working
 native adblocking
 build.prop optimized Japanese like Xperia arc
 FPS fully uncap thanks to Z!!
 Bravia engine thanks to Z!!
 some audio files move to SDcard
 Automatic wipe of Dalvik Cache when flashing Update [Phone needs longer to settle at first Boot now but will be faster after some Time]
 Automatic ZipAlign (just 1st booting)
 SD Card Speed boosted
 VM/Sysctl tweaks
 Kernel tweaks
 Android Internal Taskkiller tweaked
 I/O Scheduler tweaks
 Reduced lags
 Better memory management
 Network speed tweaks & improvements
 Zip allined all
 Audio lags less
 15% speedup reading database
 deep tweak
 SD readable freq
 xLoud enable (my kernel adjusted for xLoud, but it may brake your speaker)

--- Included kernel details ---

 New kernel: (default-volted & tweaked)
 FPS uncap
 call volume fix
 BFQ I/O as default scheduler
 ext3, ext4, CIFS, TUN & UTF8 support
 LZMA compression
 add compcache
 add autogroup, for multitask super speed
 touch respons up
 screen respons up
 battery fix
 update lowmemorykiller driver
 tweaks & many more!
 support BZIP2/LZMA compress
 fix SDcard driver
 backport some source from 2.6.32
 CPU up to 1.22 GHz
 If you want to control CPU manually, you would need SetCPU from here: SetCPU
  In SetCPU remember to check "Set on Boot", but using O/C Daemon gives much better performance and battery then SetCPU
 Many CPU governors (SmartassV2, Ondemand, Performance, lagfree, minmax)
 overclock & downclock undervolt optimized CPU setting (latency, speed ...)

Optional: Back up your mobile data APNs using APN Backup, as they will be erased when flashing this ROM.

1. Full wipe, Wipe dalvik cache, and wipe battery stats. include update scripts (thanks to tkymgr)
2. Flash the ThGo_v.XXX.zip package via xRecovery
3. Install Addon via xRecovery
4, Flash .71 baseband to use Flashtools (only first time!!)
5. boot & wait til phone will be stable...

6. If you done unlock, please flash stock kernel. another kernel is getting low speed for my ROM
Known isuue:

- tethering switch has an error 1st time
- ??

My ROM exclude even any google apps, you can install newest them from market 

Google Search, Voice Search, Gmail, Maps, Street, YouTube,

Adobe Flash Player,
Change log:

* Have to read change log before install |

Change log in English | kernel change log
 ThGo2_v12.1.zip:via xrecovery
If you done unlock, please flash stock kernel. another kernel is getting low speed for my ROM
 market v3.3.12:

- for unlock bootloader -
 X10_2.3.3_Th_kernel-rev09-4-BootManager-v1.4: for unlocked x10
 X10_2.3.3_Th_kernel-rev09-4_wifi: for unlocked x10

x10_build.prop_v2.zip:via xrecovery, for global user !! x10 build.prop

ThGo2_v7.0.zip: stable ROM
kernel 029d8: stable kernel 1

Th_min_voltage4: I got a minimum CPU voltage. If not booting, try to do down voltage.

Opera mobile v11.10: newest opera mobile browser app has bug for x10 custom kernel. Plz use old one.

old files

* Sonny Ericsson Driver for Win *
download driver (rar file)

* Add-on * via xrecovery
addon timescape & face book v5:
 addon widget music v2: Data monitor, Photo widget, Statusswitch, Weather, Digitalclock, on/off, semc music app

switch_to_arc_hardkey: switch hardkey to arc style for 2.3.3
switch_back_to_x10key: switch_back_to_x10key for 2.3.3
Thanks to zdzihu for Xrecovery GB ready and FPS Uncap nothing audio lags!
Thanks to tkymgr link2Sd fix and more
Thanks to kenjidct kill app long press back button
Thanks to zorglub08 button LED fix
Huge thanks to T.E.A.M team theme and app
Thanks to Yuto helps me
Thanks to DooMLoRD Bootmanager & unlock fixes


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