[ROM][ARC / ARC S] arconium 3.0a - Experimental Tweaks [4.0.2.A.0.58][12 Dec]

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Lightweight and speedy fully-functional stock ROM with various tweaks. A patch for arc S is available.




World Clock and Timer SE widgets.


- Unlocked bootloader.
- Latest DooMKernel (other kernels might work).
- Baseband 56/58 (other basebands might work).

Release notes

3.0a - 12 Dec
- Included an experimental tweak to increase overall smoothness and reduce lags when switching between apps. Please report whether there are any differences or not.

3.0 - 3 Dec
- Rebased on proper LT15i 4.0.2.A.0.58.
- Better performance.
- Attempt to make Home harder to kill.
- Attempt to fix root access suddenly disabled.
- Patch for arc S (LT18i) available.

FB/Timescape v2 - 25 Nov
- Fixed FC when adding a Facebook account to Timescape.

2.1 - 22 Nov
- A lot of new tweaks.
- Modified framework.
- Updated Superuser.
- Improved performance.
- Facebook Inside Xperia and Timescape add-on available.

2.0a - 20 Nov
- Ported animations from Ice Cream Sandwich (only partially since the SE framework is a pain to work on). Reverted.

2.0 - 19 Nov
- Based on stock 4.0.2.A.0.58 from MK15i.
- Retained more widgets.
- Moved tweaks to init.d so apps that use install-recovery won't interfere (eg. Link2SD).

1.1 - 7 Nov
- Remade from scratch.
- Performance improvements.
- WiFi fixed.

1.0a - 30 Oct
- Based on stock 4.0.2.A.0.42.
- Prerooted with Superuser and BusyBox.
- Removed various apps.
- Various harmless tweaks.
- No Timescape and other SE add-ons. DLNA, HDMI and other core hardware functions retained.


Main ROM
update-arconium-3.0.zip (103 MB)

update-arconium-3.0a.zip (156 KB)
update-arconium-3.0a-LT18i.zip (156 KB)

update-arconium-FBInside_Timescape-v2.zip (6 MB)

Old files
update-arconium-2.1.zip (110 MB)
arconium-2.0.zip (111 MB)
arconium-2.0a.zip (4.5 MB)
arconium-1.1.zip (105 MB)
arconium-1.0a.zip (109 MB)

These files do not wipe the data partition, so it is safe to flash over an old version and retain settings/apps/data.

Known issues

- Some users reported being stuck at boot, need to verify as both packages work well for me. A locked bootloader is most likely the cause.
- Supercharger script doesn't work properly. Furthermore, it is not needed since lots of tweaks have been integrated.


- First boot might take a while since there are a lot of tweaks to be executed.
- Reboot once again after it has booted for optimum performance.
- If you experience lags or slowdowns after updating to a new version, 'Wipe Dalvik Cache' in CWM -> Advanced.
- If you use Link2SD, make sure to 'Recreate Mount Script'.
- If you use DarkTremor's Apps2SD, make sure to reflash it in CWM.
- Wipe data / factory reset if you came from 1.1 or below.

Installation for update packages

1. Copy update zip to SD card.
2. Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
3. (RECOMMENDED) Do a Backup.
4. If you want a clean install of the main ROM, do a full wipe. Otherwise, skip this step.
5. Flash zip package(s) (always flash main ROM first).
6. Reboot.




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