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Wednesday, 28 December 2011



(Based on FXP52 & MIUI 2.11.26 | Android 4.0.1)

  • Read carefully all installation procedures and please, before ask read this OP or 2nd post. Thanks.
  • Always check 2nd post for updates, fixes and add-ons
  • Personally i just "hate" the iPhone look of MIUI but i really love the other stuff so this is a sort of mix.
  • This was made to give you the first available rom completely based on FXP Team work

Unlocked Bootloaders Installation Procedure:
  • Download ROM for your SDCARD - HERE
  • Enter on CWM5 and wipe/factory reset
  • Install downloaded ROM
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy the new adventure 
  • From here you´ll need to go to 2nd post to install other updates/upgrades/fixes if they exist

Note1: You must be on a Rom with CWM5!!!
Note3: If you´re on a Rom with J´s or doom´s FXP kernel this should work straight forward. 
Note4: If you have any other kernel installed, correct WiFi modules

Locked Bootloaders Installation Procedure:

Follow cobrato´s [HOW-TO] HERE.
Huge Thanks to cobrato witch create theses patches so users can have more options to choose 

  • If you came from another rom preform a full wipe;
  • There´s no need to wipe anything between patches, only full roms;
  • This is a beta version of FXP47&MIUI 1.11.18 i didn´t care to much at this stage to make this rom stable. My main objective is to start and configure OTA updates for my Rom. Next updates and/or patches will be released through OTA when i found a better place than Dropbox;

Thanks to:
  • FreeXperia Team for there work and from there Rom on witch this was based on. Always check there thread HERE
  • azuzu for the initial brainstorming and much more along the way
  • cobrato for ... to much to mention
  • EffectX for create my boot image sign image and much more 
  • Giacomo Furlan for Rom Updater app and for helping me to put it in my rom
  • Oodie, ThJap & 9Lukas5
  • Brian, Matthias & Andy for the initial OTA tests
  • ALL XDA devs & Users
HERE is a file that you can download to test video/sound lag. NO this isn´t from Trip this is from Samsung and you can find it HERE

  • NOV 23th
    • 1st OTA Release
    • Update to FXP47 & MIUI1.11.18
    • SDCard speed improvement
  • NOV 28th
    • Upgrade to MIUI 1.11.25
    • WLOD/WIFI fix
    • Screen Fix (Thks cobrato)
    • Upgrade to MIUI 1.12.2
    • Add NoFrillsCPU
    • Add language pack (thks to Oodie)
    • Add some init scripts from ThJap (thks bro )
  • DEC 12th
    • Based on new FXP50
    • Based on different sources
    • Remove previous hacks on init due some incompatibility
    • Change MIUI Gallery for Android Gallery 3D
    • Add WiFi Tether
    • Extended Settings (fully working)
    • 4 Way Reboot (half working)
    • Some ICS port such as:
      • Network Modifications:
        • Signal Strength Readings in Status
        • Improved network power consumption
      • Framework Modifications:
        • Improved power consumption whilst sleeping
        • HW Acceleration Included (Browser, Video, Games etc)
        • Galnet Video Player
      • UI Improvements:
        • Added ICS lockscreen to default theme
        • Added ICS transaction effects
        • Added ICS Keyboard with Vibration Settings
  • DEC 15th - v07-incremental update if everything´s working good with with there´s no need to install this
    • Hopefully fix all WLOD issues and smoothness (still testing) and applied right permissions after boot
    • Revert to primary rom by removing unnecessary apps (thks to Garfield )
    • Change info about android version and build number
    • New bootanimation created by EffectX (thks once again buddy  )
    • Hopefully better apps management
    • Delete gallery3D and install MIUI one
note: you can find all deleted apps HERE. Unzip file and c/p with root explorer or s.th
  • 16thDec2011
    • Previous fixes added;
    • Remove/Change some tweaks witch cause WLODS;
    • Remove some apps from system (i.e. gmail - you can download from market);
    • Reduce rom about 10Mb;
    • Increase speed and battery life (need more tests);
    • Added Barcode Scanner app;
    • Added latest Link2SD app;
    • Added latest ics keyboard;
    • Added more ICS animations to system;
    • Replace Gallery3D for MIUI one

In order to test FB app i´ve installed THIS older version 1st. Don´t know if you install newer one first you´ll have any issues.
  • 21thDec2011
    • Some more tweaks on boot ;
    • Some apps move to data folder;
    • Huge speed incremental;
    • Added more ICS animations to system;

Originally Posted by rraja83  View Post
With WLODs on facebook and gmail etc...
try this 
Go to settings->Program->Manage applications->select application (e.g Facebook)..
now under compatibilty mode ...select turn OFF... in other words run application in default mode....
all the applications worked fine for me and no wlod...
let me know if it fixes for u...


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