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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Android 2.3.7 - Cyanogen Mod 7.1.0 For Galaxy GIO 
Based on Cooper, Tass & Galaxy 5 

This project not finished yet we need developer to help build this rom for our device


Current status:

  • RIL
  • ext4 on all internal partition
  • Audio
  • capasitive key & back light
  • Proxomity sensor
  • Microphone
  • Root & Busybox
  • Setup wizard
  • included gapps
  • autorotate
  • packet data
  • GPRS &EDGE (2G)
  • HSDPA & UMTS (3G)
  • Call, sms & mms
  • GPS
  • Swap support
  • usb mass storage
  • headset button. so u can play/pause music & goto next song from this button
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • FM Radio (Bluetooth must enabled)
  • Camera & Video record
  • Wired Tether using wiredtether.apk (see post & attachment on second post)
  • Access Point / Portable Hotspot
  • automatically configured APN
  • Hardware video acceleration
  • and more

Not working:
  • ----

  • Backlight after set brightness
  • some option on setting
  • noise on FM radio

if u find any bug, please tell us

I am not responsible for any damage to your phone
please read carefully how to install

How to Install
- Download & flash px-cwm-v2.zip from recovery or cwm recovery
- Reboot to cwm recovery again
- Download & flash px-cm7-RC-3.0.zip from cwm recovery
- Reboot your phone
- Its not recomennded to use live walpaper, u should use static walpaper. since live walpaper will make your device hot & drain more battery
- Since this version is not include gapps & a2sd, u should read gapps & s2e section!
- for alternative a2sd, u also can use link2sd or mad2sd

How Install google apps (gapps):
- Download it from here: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.php?title=Latest_Version/Google_Apps
- Download latest version for cyanogenMod 7
- Flash it from cwm recovery
How to Install & Enable Simple2Ext (S2E):
- install it from market. be sure u've install gapps before!
- open s2e, and press menu and choose setting
- checklist the advance mode, extended partitions info, mount as ext4
- u also can set read buffer. i'm using 3Mb
- press back, and press menu -> reboot
- if your phone not automatic reboot, u should reboot it manually
- after reboot, open s2e again. u can check whatever u want
- i'm check it all, except Application data (Application data = a2sd extream datasd)
- reboot again
- u need to modified 02gio. see this post http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19792902&postcount=705

have problem cant checklist application, dalvik-cache, private-apps application-data on s2e after checked mount as ext4 and reboot?
you must format your second partition using computer as ext4
u can use gparted (linux) or minitool partition wizard (windows)
How Enable a2sd:
- goto terminal emulator
- write:
  a2sd zipalign
  a2sd cachesdreset


if u want use a2sd extream (move data to sd-ext):
a2sd datasd


New CWM v2 
special thx to ZimniY
  • fix error mount command
  • remove rfs support

New RC 3.0 
  • new build (new feature like: can change network preferences, minimal ring lockscreen, etc)
  • include all fix
  • removed a2sd (better use s2e than a2sd)
  • removed gapps
  • removed no-frills (use cm-setting to change cpu min max & governor)
  • smoother
  • better ram management (kernel patch)
  • fix cm-setting for change min & max cpu frequency (kernel patch)
  • revert backlight. sometime led cant off after set brightness. restart to make it normal again
  • update default governor to: ondemand min:245Mhz max:787Mhz
  • and more
note: this version is not coming with google apps, u should download & install it manually
note: this version is not coming with preinstalled a2sd DarkTremor. better to use s2e a.k.a simple 2 ext. download it from market!

New RC 2.0
  • Fixed Access Point / Portable Hotspot now u dont need 3rd application
  • modified many library, thx to squadzone
  • reduce noise when listen FM-Radio
  • Fixed new market for Force Close. now u can use new market
  • change a2sd mountpoint from /system/sd to /sd-ext
  • trying to patch backlight again, please check & report!
  • Change dafault cpu clock & governor to: min:245 max:787 gov: interactiveX
    if you dont like this governor, try to change with no-Frills application

- New Patch 2.2
  • fixed camera orientation on cm7 camera application (thanks to demon-e398)
  • fixed automatic APN setting
    goto setting -> wifi&network -> mobile network ->access point name - press menu button & tap to Reset to default
  • Deleted wiredtether.apk from /system/app
    you should install it as usual don't push to /system/app, download it from attachment below
  • kernel updatet (cf-root release 5)
    • Busybox upgraded from 1.17-> 1.19-CM71-bionic
    • Latest Superuser.apk & su binary

- New Patch fix-2, Camera & backlight fixed & added new boot script
thx to galaxy gio cummunity @ facebook for camera, waqasshahzad1986 for backlight issue fix & squadzone for boot script
- New Patch fix-1, it should fix a2sd DarkTremor, bluetooth, wifi & FM-Radio
- New Kernel px-cm7-kernel+cfroot-release-3.2 fixed backlight issue, sometime backlight still on even screen in locked
- First version Relase (beta)

Download Link

ClockWorkMod Recovery 5.x
Based on particle's CWM Recovery, only add ext4 support for system, data & cache
px-cwm-v2.zip Download here [New]
px-cwm.zip]Download Here [outdated]

CyanogenMod 7.1 for Galaxy GIO
cyanogenMod 7.1 RC 3.0 Download Here [New] 
cyanogenMod 7.1 RC 2.0 Download Here [outdated]
First release, Download Here [outdated]

Addons & Patchl
px-cm7-addons-fix-2.2 Download Here [outdated]
px-cm7-addons-fix-1 Download Here [outdated]

Alternatiive kernel
It's outdated... please dont use this kernel. new kernel is included on addons

we use alternative kernel, it's based on SGA & SGS CF-Root Kernel. because we have a problem on CM7 initramfs kernel on our device. maybe it'll fixed soon.
tempoary, use this kernel to make your phone bootup

px-cm7-kernel+cfroot-release-3.2 Download Here [outdated]
px-cm7-kernel+cfroot-release-3.1 Download Here [outdated]

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