[CHEAT][GTA III] Cheat's alike Cheat Engine for GTA 3 On Android

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Basic this follow the method of Cheat Engine Used in the PC :: but this is using an apps called Gamecih
  1. You need to download the GameCih from https://market.android.com/details?id=com.cih.gamecih&hl=en or http://www.cih.com.tw/download
  2. Install Gamecih then run you GTA III games on it 
  3. Scan your current values such as health,money and etc that you can use
Health ::

  1. Go and injured yourself (fighting with someone or bang by a car )so the value will drop
  2. Scan the Current Value (Example :: 92 )
  3. Then if result show's few result with 92 
  5. Injure yourself again then scan that value (Example :: 84) till 1 result left
  6. Then Change Your Value to 100 xP

  1. Scan the Current Value (Example :: 1574 )
  2. Then if result show's few result with 1574
  3. Replace the 1st and second result or more till the value change to your wish
You Can get more hacking on it xPP
Credit :: Droidxda


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