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Saturday, 31 December 2011

MobileNoter SE HD for Tablet 2.1.0 For Android 3.0+ Devices

Summary: Use MobileNoter to take your notes from OneNote with you!

Please note: do not use both MobileNoter SE and MobileNoter SE HD on the same device. This can cause unexpected results of the notebooks sync.

MobileNoter SE HD is an application that allows you to store, view and edit MS OneNote notebooks on your Android OS tablet.

MobileNoter SE HD has a new user interface, optimized for large screens of Android Tablets.
If you have an Android Tablet, everything you might need now fits into a single screen!

MobileNoter SE HD works with .one files directly and doesn't require a Windows Sync Client. That gives you more possibilities to sync your notes with PC in an easy way.

MobileNoter SE HD also has an integrated Dropbox and SkyDrive sync functionality. Using it, you are able to sync your notes in one touch and you can do it anywhere and at any moment.
This is the fastest and most convenient way to synchronize your Android tablet with Microsoft OneNote.

MobileNoter SE HD 2.0 allows you to:

• View your notes with preserved formatting and layout (just like in OneNote!)
• Edit and create new text in pages
• Add images (you can choose an image stored on your device or take a new picture using camera)
• View handwritings (inks) created on your desktop
• Create audio recordings
• Search through the notes
• Look through the tags summary
• Work with .one files directly (for example, store them on the SD card)
• Password Protected sections support
• Sync the app easily using integrated Dropbox sync functionality
• Sync the app with SkyDrive storage (notebooks/sections/pages created via Microsoft Web Office are not fully supported yet)

Please note:
∙ Please backup your OneNote files prior to changing them on your device. We're almost sure you won't need it, but if something goes wrong you will be able to restore your data.
∙ MobileNoter SE HD is designed for MS OneNote 2010, there can be some problems with notebooks created with previous versions of MS OneNote.
∙ Handwritings (inks) creation support will be added in one of the next updates.
∙ As for now there is no ability to create new pages.



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