The differences of Android OS, iOS and WP7 OS

Friday, 30 December 2011

There are some differences among Android OS, iOS and WP7 OS.
There are about one hundred devices which load Android OS, such as Samsung devices, MOTO products, HTC, Sony Ericsson and Acer.
The devices with iOS are eleven, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
The products with Windows Phone are twenty.
iOS provides about five hundred thousand applications.
Android OS has thirty-eight hundred thousand applications.
Windows Phone provides forty-three thousand applications.
If you want to load the third-party application on iOS or Windows Phone devices, it must be approved.
Android Market accepts any third-party applications except malicious applications.
Android OS is the first to run 4G network.
iOS is not good at 4G.
There are 3 products with Windros Phone which supports 4G, such as Samsung Focus S 4G, Samsung Focus Flash 4G and HTC Radar 4G.
Android devices does not support cloud storage and you must visit cloud files by the third-party applications.
iOS5 supports iCloud which is the cloud storage.
Windros Phone supports SkyDrive from Microsoft, but the seamless link is not available.
With siri, iOS has more voice control functions than Android and Windows Phone.
They all have multi-task function.
Though they all support GPS navigation, Android GPS is the best one as Google provides excellent map service.
There are so many dual-core devices which load Android OS.
The dual-core devices with iOS are iPad2 and iPhone 4S.
There is not any dual-core device which loads Windows Phone.
Some Android devices are introduced NFC technology. iOS devices and Windows Phone devices are not introduced NFC technology.
The Android flagship product is Galaxy Nexus.
iPhone 4S is the flagship product of iOS. Lumia 800 is the representative Windows Phone mobile phone.


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