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Monday, 26 December 2011


md5: 85294ad91e2601beb737cf723b9fb9d6
(note this URL is likely to change)

Note: You are advised NOT to try to install this. This will **overwrite** as in erase whatever data you have on your emmc, so if you are trying this, you are advised to back it up first so you can recover. Install entirely at your own risk, and do a factory wipe first. This software is likely to be terrible and cause problems including permanent data loss, hair loss, and/or the destruction of your property and the death of your pets. You assume all risks involved in your use-- or even attempted use-- of this file. I disclaim any and all responsibility for your decision to try it.

*** Really. This build is buggy. It is a work-in-progress. It is only a snapshot of where things stand right now, and it's possible it'll never go further. ***

If you need assistance, you must rely on each other. 

I am also releasing a first pass at a how-to-build walkthrough. It is available here:

walkthru (rough draft)

This doc will be updated and evolve with your input. It is meant to help people feel confident that they can build an operating system from scratch, and hopefully encourage them to participate, learn, and even make contributions.

You may be asking, where is the issue queue? There is no issue queue. You are on your own here.

here's what's working:

* bluetooth (pairing/file transfer only confirmed)
* wifi (full it seems but it's brand-new to the kernel so who knows how stable anything is)
* backlight
* accelerometer
* improved stability (but not perfect)
* gapps
* setcpu/overclock
* real data usage info (not stubbed out)
* battery levels/charging
* physical menu button
* touchscreen
* 3d games
* usb gadget in kernel (ie, mounting your sdcard to your computer)
* screenshots
* build system (to auto-create upgrade.zips)

For sure not working yet:

* sound
* video
* full 2d acceleration (esp on complex web pages)
* and much much more

These things may/may not be added at some point in the future. You should have no expectations that they will. Anyone who asks for an ETA for something or other gets collectively stoned by the crowd.

I'm sometimes on #nookcolor in freenode.

Thanks to keyodi, unforgiven512, arcee, toastfch, d0nk`, dalingrin, nemith, the rest of the cm team/TD, and anyone else who I've forgotten. We stand on the shoulders of giants.


Again, don't install this. And please don't "rom" this (as in change the font or background) and then ask for donations for your "hard work". This is a preview of a work in progress, not a final product, and it's not meant for people to use day-to-day. Don't be a dick. Thanks.

About screen, wifi scanning, & bluetooth....


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