Huawei releases 'demo' Android 4.0 ROM for its Honor smartphone

Monday, 12 December 2011

Huawei Honor ics

If you've been wondering what the first non-Nexus phone to get Android 4.0 would be, we now have a tentative — and unexpected — answer: the Huawei Honor. Huawei has taken the unusual step of releasing a "demo" Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the device along with instructions on how to roll back to Gingerbread if things feel a little too bleeding edge. Apparently it's stable-enough for one Huawei executive, who posted the above image on Weibo.
We're not sure that a "demo" ROM meant primarily for testing should count as the first official release of Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade from a manufacturer, but at the very least it could be a sign that Huawei is getting aggressive about courting hardcore Android users.
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