ICS Android 4.0 Port DOWNLOAD [X10]

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

This is very early build, we're behind other qsd8k devices but will eventually catch up 

Big thanks to all qsd8k developers working on this (N1, Desire, HD2, X10).

- ol' good 2.6.29-SEMC
- fixed touchscreen driver (now backward-compatibile with Gingerbread)

- partially based on drewis release (thanks!) - currently I don't have access to PC that could handle compilation of the whole thing 
If someone could compile clean es209ra build and upload it would be awesome.

- it boots 
- radio, calls, txt (sms)
- audio partially working (in-call is fine, playing mp3/ringtones leads to WLOD)
- bluetooth, GPS seem to work
- wifi almost working ("can't find wlan0 device")
- mobile data (it gets IP but disconects afterwards, needs investiagtion)

- most of the stuff does not work
- quite unstable

Will upload all of the useful code/fixes here.
- ICS + GB compatibile touch driver: es209ra_touch_mt.c
- compatibile ramdisk (props FXP): http://www.mediafire.com/?1n51pn1upwv79ur

Alpha1 ROM (for CWM5) + corresponding kernel (flashtool) is here: 




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